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Just a few days ago, one of my classmates from high school responded to my last entry here. He's been living in the States the past few years and it was nice to touch base with him and hear about how he also has the collection addiction syndrome. He probably said more to me in that response than in any conversation we've ever had. Which is sad to me, but what made me even sadder was the afterthought that came to me.

Why are so many people leaving the country?

In my high school section alone, we reflect the attitude of the country wherein 25% of filipinos have left or are thinking about looking for greener pastures abroad. There were 40 of us in class, and not counting our 2 dearly departed classmates, there are 10 of us struting our wares in another country. Two in Japan, One in Taiwan and the rest in the States.

In the past few years, I've lost my oldest friend (Hey Ryan! - 22 years) and my bestest friend (Hey Bill!) abroad. The prospect of earning tens of thousands of pesos an hour seemed to appeal to them.

So why doesn't it appeal to me? I have this predisposed notion that going abroad will instantly make me a 3rd class citizen, working for good money in menial jobs. I could chalk it up to ego - that with my education, I deserve a better status. I could chalk it up to my need to be with my friends - but with so many people going overseas, I might not have any friends left here! I'm just rambling, but there really is something that keeps me from making the move to another country.

Baka kasi walang maid sa states...