My recollection of the original EDSA revolution is limited at best. I remember not having classes, so this speaking contest I was entered in didn't happen. I remember sitting home playing Lego because the only thing on TV were news blurbs and repeated episodes of Candy Candy on Channel 4. I remember my parents taking all of us to EDSA and watching the helicopters that defected land in Aguinaldo. I remember the joy and fervor my parents felt as we went driving through the streets when Marcos fled. I didn't fully understand the significance of EDSA till I grew up and had my own version of EDSA in 2001.

Now I just feel indifferent. Cory Aquino is just another voice in the rabble. Her voice used to be calm and reassuring. Now it is grating and it just annoys me. A coup was thwarted, and the masses are gathering at the EDSA shrine. They're probably going to camp out there and hope for a repeat performance of 20 years ago.

I'm not holding my breath. The beauty of the first two EDSAs was the spontaneous combustions that sparked both revolts. Nowadays we see movements - organized groups plotting rallies and mobilizing forces. Where's the drama in that?

"OK, let's set a rally at EDSA on the 24th at 3 pm. Everyone OK with that?"

"I have nothing better to do."
"I have a lunch in Tagaytay but I can squeeze it in."
"Oh, I have a dentist's appointment. Can we reschedule?"

"OK, How bout the 25th?"



Heard some interesting news over the radio today. It seems that they are already lining up actors to play Bat-villains in the sequel to Batman Begins. It was reported that Hugh Jackman (of X-Men fame) is being considered for the role of Harvey Dent/Two-Face, while Paul Bettany (most recently of Firewall) is a strong contender for the Joker. Jackman as Two-Face? Jury's still out on that one but I totally agree that Paul Bettany could play the Joker and come of as both chilling and charming.

X-Men III: The Last Stand will of course revolve around the Dark Phoenix saga as Jean Grey is resurrected and poses a threat to mutantkind. The regular cast of characters is back (although James Marsden/Cyclops is so way down the billing, you think the producers were getting back at him for going with Bryan Singer to make Superman Returns) and a whole new slew of familiar X-faces are coming in. It's well known that Kelsey Grammer (TV's Frasier) will be playing the lovable Dr. McCoy - but did you know that we'll also be seeing characters like the Angel, Moira McTaggert, Leech, Juggernaut (Vinnie Jones will play him), Madrox, Callisto, Bolivar Trask, Jubilee and Psylocke (played by Filipina Mei Melancon)? Ever since Singer went up, up and away to do the Man of Steel, expectations are low for this film.



Went to Makati Cinema Square today and splurged on DVDs and PS2 games. Made a good haul:
* Rent
* Walk the Line
* Whole Nine Yards (Been looking for this one forever)
* Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
* Good Evening and Good Night.

It's awards season again so when buying pirated DVDs, be sure that you're not getting a promo copy. I recommend that you check out IMDB.com to see what the newest DVD releases are. If it came out in the states already, you can be sure that the stuff you get from your suki is really the DVD copy.



I started last week with a bum stomach.

I ended it with some new toys.

First off, my request for an iBook was granted by our IT department. It's already gone through two owners but I'm not complaining. Now, I can work away from my desk (yay!) and even take work home (I can't believe I'm actually happy about this). Besides, it looks cool - so there!

Then over the weekend, I decided to buy my cousin's Playstation 2, complete with 2 controllers, a memory card and some games. In my excitement, I rushed out and bought a copy of Raw vs Smackdown 2006 and NBA Live 2006. Had my first go at it last night and played up to 3 in the morning, The woke up and played a little more. And to think I barely get enough sleep because of work!



Ahhh...Feb.14 has come and gone. Mine passed by quickly and without fanfare. Wish I could say the same for myself.

My troubles began Saturday night. As I was raking in the dough in our latest poker game, I started feeling a rumble in my belly. Which later became a full-blown attack of LBM.

Come Sunday, I was doing number two every 15 minutes. And I had to be at work after lunch. When I got to the office, our admin assistant Anne was there too and she advised me to take Immodium.

Big mistake. Apparently, Immodium does stop the flow of diarrhea, but it also keeps toxins inside your body. Come 2:00 AM of Monday, I was feeling pain in my stomach and had a slight fever. Over the course of the next two days, I was doubled up in bed. Not being able to do the deed until late last night.



- took the day off after spending 32 hours straight at work from Wednesday to Thursday
- saw the premiere episode of Survivor Exile Island
- slept, ate, slept, ate, smoked in between

- was glued to the TV watching news about the stampede at ULTRA. Felt sorry for the dead and wounded but was amazed at the lengths some of these people went through just to win a cash prize. They lined up since Wednesday night, peed and shat while standing in line for fear of losing their place and had no money to buy food or even pay for the ride home. 15,000 people gathered, 79 died and countless were injured for what BBC News identified as prizes amounting to 19,000 dollars all in all.
- was even more amazed that the 9,000 who did make it inside actually hoped that the show would go on despite the high price paid in terms of human life and blood.
- felt bad for Willie Revillame. He actually is a nice guy. During one event, he sought me out to praise the job I was doing as a VO announcer. If I were him, I wouldn't return to that show even if they paid me a million bucks per episode.
- got my own poker set. Conci was at Fully Booked and texted me that they had one available for only P1,000. I told her to snatch it up. Poker anyone? Seems safer than gambling your lives for a one-in-10,000 chance to win a million bucks.

- missed mass and slept in.
- saw the first episode of Pinoy Big Brother. I was afraid of another stampede. One of the hosts even asked the crowd to stop pushing from the back. Imagine the lousy luck of ABS-CBN if that happened. Part of me wishes that they postponed the launch another week, but I guess with all the money the company has to spend on funeral and medical expenses, they needed the advertising revenue badly.
- worried for Bianca Gonzales and Roxanne Barcelo. If the stories that my friend Miko told me about the Big Brother control room are true, then we can expect to see scandal pictures or videos of these two in the shower. My friend says that the camera sees everything.
- rooting for Budoy from Junior Kilat. First caught him at the NU rock awards where his band won song of the year for M-16. He seems playful and was totally hilarious. I'd watch this show just for him. Looks like he has the visayan vote all wrapped up. Part of me thinks he'll win.