Welcome to my 200th entry in this blog. I think there should have been more but I deleted a few *bleh* posts a few months back. Anyway, I write this, two days shy of my 31st birthday. Yup, I'm bidding adieu to the calendar. I'm going out with a bang though - throwing a little party at my place on Saturday, Sept.2 at 9pm. You're all invited of course. If you need directions, feel free to text or message me.

Also on that night, I'm inviting you to listen to Nitelive on Magic 89.9 from 6-8pm. I'll be leaving the show early - pangit naman if my guests arive at my party and wala pala ako right? Anyway, our special guest will be Lougee of Mojofly. She'll be sitting in the booth with us, making chika and joining in on our inane banter. Will she make it through the two hours without getting offended? Tune in to find out!!!



Daniel Powter may as well be sitting next to me right now and singing the familiar strains of his one hit song. Today has been one disaster after another. Why God, why?

Let me explain. After picking up ** this morning, we headed to work. With all the traffic on EDSA, we take an alternate route to Makati, turning off at Guadalupe towards JP Rizal. While waiting for the traffic light to turn green, my ever-brilliant driver seemingly dozes off and the car rolls into the vehicle idling in front of us. A quick survey of the damage revealed some minor dents and scratches but nothing too major. The owner of the other car offered that we pay him off then and there so as to avoid a messy dispute. I had to fork over a thousand bucks (good thing I was carrying some cash) which I hope my driver will pay back.

Anyway, got to work and found out that Nanette Diyco's write-up about our HSBC ads came out in today's BusinessWorld. Needless to say, I was thrilled. She discussed two ads and one of them was my idea. Lo and behold, my brilliant accounts team forgot to add my name to the credits and instead put the name of my namesake who left 141 on bad terms and wasn't even part of the conceptualization of the ad. Argh! My boss said he felt bad and that I shouldn't worry. The higher-ups are well-aware of my contributions and all that...but this was the moment I was gonna be recognized for an ad I was proud off and...ARRRGH!

I am so not in a good mood right now...

Here's the ad, in case any of you are curious:



It's 2AM and I'm still at work. We're all still here working on a big pitch for tomorrow. Been working till late everyday since Saturday. Yawn.

Anyway, at least I have a new toy to keep me company. My company finally replaced the 5 year old iBook I've been using the past few months with a spanking new MacBook!

It's great! Aside from the fact that it's tons faster and I can actually see what letters are on the keyboard, it has a ton of great features. Best of all is that it has a built-in webcam. Wait, lemee take a picture.

That's me at 2AM after a week of going home late. Anyway, I have yet to take this baby home and see what trouble I can get into with it.



As I write this, my friend's 3 month old daughter is fighting for her life as she undergoes a very delicate surgery - one that's merely a stop gap and not even a real cure. She's suffering from Bilary Atresia - a condition where the bile ducts of the liver don't function, thus bile doesn't get removed from the body. They are doing this just to bypass the malfunctioning ducts and transport the bile to the small intestine. This will give Erin, the baby some temporary relief until a liver donor can be found...

I ask you all to please say a prayer for Erin Pasimio and her parents Sonny and Ria. I wish that I could do more, but for now, it's all we can do. God willing.



Hmm...I just noticed that I left a string of stories about my life in radio hanging. I was supposed to say how I got a full-time gig as a jock...some of my most memorable moments...having to board on Christmas and New Year's Eve...an on-air proposal...indecent proposals...etc. Just been caught up in how my life has been going...been busy trying to balance work with my sudden office courtship. Much to the chagrin of my high school buds, I've been missing out on their new hobby (This board game whose name escapes me right now). But I'm sure they will understand. Pag-ibig muna right?

Eniwey, speaking of radio...I'm back on air. Yup, the bounce is back. I'm on every Saturday from 6-9 pm on Magic 89.9. It's not a paying gig but I'm doing it for the joy of it. I obviously missed it and this way, I can get my fix without having to give up my day job. Plus, I can start charging more when I do hosting gigs. Heehee.

So far, so good. Things are falling into place and I'm weeks away from celebrating my 31st birthday. I'm thinking that if I save enough, I can afford to pay for my big send-off as I exit the calendar years. Who's with me? I can start accepting gifts as early as today!


365 DAYS AT 141

I'm looking out the window from my desk on the 27th floor of the Ayala FGU center on Ayala Avenue. The sky's is desolatedly gray and I'm feeling a little under the weather.

But, as the title of this piece goes, I'm celebrating my first year anniversary here at 141 Worldwide. The office is virtually empty. A lot of the people are either in a meeting with clients or are sick at home and it seems a tad colder than usual. Have two deadlines to meet but I just wanted to take some time to reflect on this past year. This was a firm that took a chance on a copywriter who had been out of advertising for nearly two years. They hired me even if I had never won an award. One year later, I felt like thanking the three guys I had to go through just to get this job. I went up to them last night and thanked each of them for giving me this chance.

And I have a lot to be thankful for. I'm thankful for the patience they showed me as I had to adjust back to life in advertising. I'm thankful that they appreciated some of my ideas enough to fight tooth and nail for them in front of client. I'm thankful that everyone accepted me fairly quickly. I'm thankfuly that they saw fit to reward my efforts by regularizing me in just three months. I'm thankful that they hired you-know-who (I must point out though that she's the one who mentioned that, not me!).

One year down...and in this industry where people change agencies almost every year, I think I'll stick around here a bit longer.