Any of my closest friends will tell you that there are two constants in my household. First, the door is always open and everyone is welcome. And secondly, that there is always a new driver every few months. We've been using family drivers since I was a freshman in high school and I think we've gone through at least 20 since then. There have been a few gems who stayed with us for at least a year but there have also been those that were let go after only a few days.

This last one lasted 2 months. I rarely used him and when I did I noticed two things: he was aloof and considering he was a driver, he could never remember how to get from one place to the other. He was sooooooo bad with directions that he even got lost when we were going home from a place that was three blocks away.

It all came to a head last Saturday when I used him to go to all those places I listed in my previous blog entry. He pissed me off three times that day, from calling me with a "pssst" and gesturing to ask for a cigarette to being utterly "bastos" when I was merely asking for the amount of toll we were going to pay. The final straw was when he told me that he had to go home early as I was on my way to Jigs' party. I already told him days before that we would be out late and he never once told me that he couldn't do it. I got off at Grilla, threw his salary at him and slammed the door in his face telling him to go home. I had no intention of being in his company ever again.

Sure enough, when I got home, I told my parents about it and apparently, he's been pissing off my brother and mom as well. It was an easy decision to let him go and it was one that my dad took great pleasure in.

I know, people are telling me that I should finally get my license, but I got tired of driving myself and I don't think I can stand the traffic while I'm behind the wheel. Oh well. Any one know of a good driver? One who actually knows the roads?

I'm signing off!



Whew! It's been one busy weekend for me. Considering that I've been doing almost nothing for the longest time, all the activity really took a lot out of me.

1. Birthday of my pseudo-inaanak: It was the birthday of my friend Ganns' little boy, Nathan. He just turned one and it was a sight to see. It was actually my first time to meet my "godson" (Ganns and his wife Cathy are devout Christians so there was no Catholic baptism for me to official become his godfather. It was nice that Ganns told me that he considers me as one anyway.

2. Meeting re: possible money-making venture: Don't wanna get into it much but it looks great/fun and it's something I could really do well.

3. My cousin's stage debut: I have a second cousin on my dad's side who studies in Ateneo and is part of T.A. (A student theatre group). It was her first play and the entire family went to see it. She was really good...Scene stealer and those are the memorable type of characters.

4. Jigs' 30th birthday: It was the birthday of My high school classmate Jigs. Aside from it being an excuse for the 4J boys to get together, it was also significant because Jigs is the first one in our class to turn 30!!! Happy birthday Jigs!!! Thanks for the blowout.

5. SPEED family day: To celebrate SPEED's 10th full year of existence, they have been celebrating with SPEED weeks. Exhibits, concerts, exposure trips were just a part of it. The main thing was the family day that was held at the Ateneo campue. They brought together the 6 different areas that they serve (6!!!) and it was a great day for the kids and their families. Serendipitous was the fact that several members of SPEED from the first year were also at Ateneo doing something for JVP. They were amazed and proud (not as much as I was) that SPEED was still around and doing great.

6. Ateneo-La Salle: La Salle was just too much for our team. all things considered, it wasn't such a bad season. Even when we lost our best player, Ateneo still overachieved. I'm now rooting for FEU. Any team but La Salle right? Congrats Sandy! We're proud of you.

Things to do this week:
1. Watch the Emmy Awards
2. Watch the Amazing Race Finale
3. Watch Survivor
4. Call McCann again!

That's that! I'm signing off!



My mom has had our school for over 22 years now. Over the years, I have assisted the school in many forms: as its ghost writer, marketing arm, and pseudo-teacher. In fact, one of my greatest accomplishments was teaching and conducting the kids two songs that we performed for the National Congress on Autism. Sometimes, my mom would kid me about taking over the school and I would usually shoot back with "I'll find a wife who can easily take over for you!"

In the halls of the school, I am "Kuya" Jay. I'm the loveable teddy bear that the nursery and kinder kids climb and clamber all over. To our special kids, I'm the "kuya" who has seen them grow up together and the one who brought the regular visits from Ateneo kids over. When my mom asked me if I wanted to teach, I would tell her that there would be no way. The kids would walk all over me. Besides, I'm fun Kuya Jay! No way I could become "Teacher" Jay.

Or so I thought.

Enter today. Two of my mom's teachers are absent and who does she call on to help out? Me, of course. And since I have nothing better to do...Kuya Jay became Teacher Jay just like that. And beleive you me, a whole day of teaching everyone from hyperactive 3 year olds to severely autistic kids is way to much for me. One day. All I could take was one day.

Makes me respect my mom more you betcha!



I turned 29 today. That means I've been around now for three decades. Of course, I am going to celebrate by going to a strip bar tonight. It's only fitting.

I'm thankful for:
- Great friends.
- An understanding family
- The fact that I'm still alive