Monday, 2:30 PM. Instead of sleeping this weekend, I, like the gazillion other Filipinos, watched Manny Pacquiao knock out Erik Morales. Now, I'm a little sleepy, and have just realized how busy the next few days are going to be.

Three of our storyboards were approved by client and we're gonna have to figure out how to produce all of them with just a P5 Million budget.

Have presentations set for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Two are for a cigarette brand and the other is for Cancer Awareness month. Talk about playing both sides.

Was perusing the blogs of some of the current SPEED members. I watched these kids grow up a lot over the years. Knew a lot of them since their freshman days. Now, they're about to graduate. Sigh.

Anyway, haven't touched my bonus yet. That's a good thing.



Received my 14th month pay last night (finally). It's interesting because it was performance-based and how much you actually got of it depended on how good your evaluation was. Considering that my 14th was gonna be pro-rated anyway, I wasn't expecting much.

You know what they say about lowered expectations, they lead to pleasant suprises.

Now, I get to pay off the balance of my phone (bought a Nokia 6170 over the holidays) and still have enough to open a new account.

I'm experiencing a paradigm shift with my spending ways lately. Used to be that the bulk of my cash would go into sustaining my DVD fixation. Now, it seems that other things are begging to be bought. New clothes, shoes, and of course a Playstation 2. Won't target a PS3 just yet.



Made my pilgrimage to Makati Cinema Square yesterday and came out with a pretty decent haul. The most charming surprise of the lot was the fourth installment of the American Pie series. In my research, it was released direct to video so my expectations weren't too high. Imagine my surprise when it was actually very well done. It had the usual overtones of those coming-of-age teen movies (nudity, crude jokes, romance, moral lesson) but it stayed true to the first three Pie flicks. So true that it was refreshing to see how much detail was put into the production design and casting of the movie.

First of all, we had some characters from the first few films reprising their roles. Eugene Levy was back in his role as Jim's dad, this time sitting in as a counselor at Band Camp. Chris Owen returned to the Pie series as the Sherminator - a few years older and now a vengeful guidance counselor. Tad Hilgenbrink played the main character, Matt Stifler, the younger brother of Seann William Scott's character. He played it to a tee. Stifmeister jr.

I also loved how elements from the past films were recreated. They used the same school. The same burger place. The same band camp. The director really paid enough attention to detail to ensure that this movie would seamlessly fit into the series.

Oh, and I have to mention that the love interest in the story is H.O.T. Her name is Arielle Kebbel. She played this wholesome girl all throughout the movie but I was surprised to learn that she has already graced the pages of Maxim. Lovely.

Oh yeah, for all those 80s porn freaks out there (Ahem, Rhochie, Ahem). Ginger Lynn Allen plays the camp nurse in this movie.

My recommendation: If you're a fan of the American Pie films, or if you are in need of something that can keep your mind off your troubles for two hours, I suggest you pick up American Pie Band Camp.



I'm sitting at my desk in a pair of jeans that I've been wearing for the past four days now. Flew in from Cebu this morning. Went straight to work from the airport. It's my first day back since December 21st.

Still trying to work up some energy for work. Went out Tuesday night- Dinner at Cafe Ysabel with Ching, Joey and Mia then headed with Ching to the new Eurostar carnival in the Fort to meet up with R-Jay and Leslie. Even before alighting from Ching's car, we had decided which rides we were going to avoid. R-Jay thought it was dumb that we went to a carnival and didn't want to ride the rides. He threw up on the first ride. He threw up nine times. I made the wise choice.

Jetted to Cebu early the next morning. Didn't sleep at all until about 2 in the p.m. Woke up and dressed for my godsister's beachfront wedding at Shangri-la Mactan. Met some interesting folk from the U.S. and I had a blast. Oh and a ton of food too. Cebu lechon baby!!!

So I came to work on a Friday. Everybody else came in on Tuesday. I was afraid that they were gonna give my desk away.

And the weekend beckons...