As I was dressing up this morning, I was about to put on my favorite red shirt, but then, a voice in my head told me not to. Later, as I was saying goodbye to my folks, I realized it was Valentine's Day...good thing.


Valentine's Day has always had some signifiicance to me. It marks the anniversary of my worst date ever. I won't go into detail but trust me, it was bad. It was also Valentine's day when I started working at Lowe...and it was also exactly Feb.14 when I left it three years later. This day also marks the anniversary of my favorite Valentine's moment... the most amazing kiss I ever had.

I figure that it's safe to tell this story now...we were sworn to secrecy then but it's too good a story not to tell. It was valentine's day 2001. After a long day at work, the "single" creatives decided to go out for drinks at a nearby bar. It must have been fate because it ended up being four of us drinking - me, another guy and two girls - including Corina, the hottie, crush-ng-bayan art director. After a few rounds, the other guy tells us that since it's valentine's we should all have someone to kiss that night. He then got some paper then wrote his name and my name down. He then put the paper in a container and told the girls to pull out a name. Whoever they drew, they had to kiss that night. This would be revealed when we got back to the office.

After a few nervous giggles, the girls did draw lots and we headed back to Rufino tower. When we got there, the girls revealed who their partners were gonna be. Corina drew me.

We made our way to one of the CD's rooms and let the other couple go first. As I was standing outside waiting my turn, all I could hear were the girl's giggles and the guy frustratingly telling her to get it over with. Finally, they came out and we went in.

I admit that I had the biggest crush on Corina and I knew all the stories of guys who tried and failed to go after this beautiful woman. And here I was, about to lock lips with her. We leaned in and kissed fow a few seconds. It was one of those lingering kissses where she actually hung on to my lower lip as our heads slowly pulled away. My lower lip was literally quivering afterward. After the kissing, the rest of the night was spent lighting up doobies. Tee-hee.

Anyway, she ended up marrying this guy from the States a year later...they now have a little girl and they've settled abroad. She still sends me emails and pics from time to time. But still, it was one hell of a kiss.



Have you ever gotten that feeling? The one where you feel that your world has come to a complete, utter and grinding halt? That's how I feel right now...stalled...and I desperately need something to jumpstart me, quickly.

The last time I felt like this was in 2003 when I made the unfortunate decision to leave Lowe. I felt like I was stagnating then. That I wasn't contributing anything of worth to my team and the company. That's exactly how I feel now.

It just seems that my life is getting nowhere and I've settled into a routine. Which is what I have been fearing would happen since I started here at 141. I've gotten comfortable. I feel safe. It's not right.

God, I hope I snap out of this funk soon.