Hi. Sorry I haven't been posting. I've been surfing a lot lately on my new constant companion (this laptop) and somehow, it can't seem to access the formatting tools so I can't make the blog appear the way I want to and instead is in plain arial font. Oh well...what's been happening to me lately?
  • First and foremost, i have a new job!!!! I start on Tuesday (since I have a loose end to tie up in my freelance work) with a company called Zimplizity as a web writer...conceptualizing banner ads and writing web content. They were so happy with the stuff I did for them as a freelancer that they offered me a position.
  • I found some gems on DVD! Can any one else say they found "A River Runs Through It"? I did!!! I reco the following movies - Eurortip and Harold & Kumar go to White Castle. Damn funny shit!
  • Found a guy who has a lot of hard-to-find titles and he'll be making copies for me...(Usual Suapects baby!!!)
  • I hosted an event for Pathways at the WOW Clamshell...met great people and allowed me to spend some time with one of my favorite friends, Solvie.
  • Loving Survivor & Amazing Race! In AR, I tend to root for two types of teams - the one with the nice guy and the one with the cute girls. This time around, I am pulling for Kris/Jon and Lena/Kristy. Sa Survivor - hanep the last episode!!! Go Eliza! Did anyone else love the look on Ami's face when LeAnn got voted off? Priceless. BTW, did anyone else think Ami got hotter when they found out she was a lesbian?

That's that! Signing off!



Shout outs to my brother Karl. He just graduated after just 4 1/2 years of college. Seeing that it took me 5 years and a summer, he's the faster learner! Good luck bro!



I take it all back. Forget everything I said about feeling old. Last Saturday, I met up with my friends for that mass I told you all about. What I thought would be a solemn and serious gathering quickly became a time warp back to 1993.

I was tasked to lead the singing during the mass and my friend Sonny told me to choose songs na alam ng lahat para lahat kumanta.

Big mistake.

It would usually start out okay then everyone would join in then things would go awry. I don't think we were able to finish a song due to laughter.

This was followed by a "game" of basketball which ended up with Ateneo Coach Sandy A. rolling on the floor laughing his guts out.

This was followed by garlic and cheese thin crusts at Shakey's.

I find it hard to believe that it took a day of hanging out with my oldest (I mean this in every sense of the word) friends to recharge and revitalize the ebbing flames of my youth.



I'm beginning to catch up with my age.

I remember when my best friend bill was still in Manila, we'd always ask people we just met who they thought was the older one. Bill is two years younger than me but guess who they chose?

And when I was still on air, I was paired up with a 19 year old college kid. Guess who the listeners thought was younger?

I guess it's all just a state of mind. An attitude that despite my actual age (pushing thirty), I can still look and act like a kid. But lately, it's been getting harder.

I used to be always surrounded by people who were younger than me. Lately though, I've been hanging out with my friends my age and one by one, we're celebrating our birthdays and getting reminded that we're not kids anymore. In a matter of hours, we'll be getting together to remember our classmates who have passed on. We've lost two so far in the past 11 years and we have another in a coma.

Birth and death are a constant reminder of how time passes.

I just wish it wasn't so obvious.



November has been a good month for me. Having said that, I expect things to go downhill from here on out, but till then, I will bask in the sweetness of the moment. Been getting a lot of freelance stuff coming my way and my past clients are finally paying me. What's a guy to do with all this money?

Why go and buy DVDs of course! After finishing another freelance project the other day, I figured that it would be better if I just go to MCS (That's Makati Cinema Square for those who aren't in the know) and bought myself a ton of new DVDs. I got:

- The Star Wars Trilogy 4 disc set
- Seeing Other People (a delightful film featuring Jay Mohr about an engaged couple who decide to sleep with other people before they get married)
- Friends Season 10 (finally)
- Connie and Carla
- Elf
- Saved (Looks like a great ensemble cast - Jena Malone, Macauley Caulkin, Mandy Moore)
- Jersey Girl (Kevin Smith's sellout movie. I mean sellout in the bad way)
- Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
- Good Will Hunting (for Robin Williams)
- Stepford Wives (Nicole Kidman - drool)
- Dodgeball (Christine Taylor - drool)

Oh, and I finally got that picture I was telling you about. Here's the J-boys!


The Halloweenies Posted by Hello



Last weekend, my high school friends and I had a Halloween party at my place. Imagine, a bunch of almost-30 year old men were dressed in guady costumes and preening for cameras, playing around like little kids. We were traipsing about the house, orchestrating scenes that befitted our outfits. We had a schoolboy looking up a schoolgril's suit. We had samurais dueling with ninjas. We had spectres in windows and an intrepid explorer "riding" her faithful(?) steed.

Hopefully, I can put the pics up here. You could get a laugh from the great costumes....or the thirtyish old men wearing tehm.