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I'm beginning to catch up with my age.

I remember when my best friend bill was still in Manila, we'd always ask people we just met who they thought was the older one. Bill is two years younger than me but guess who they chose?

And when I was still on air, I was paired up with a 19 year old college kid. Guess who the listeners thought was younger?

I guess it's all just a state of mind. An attitude that despite my actual age (pushing thirty), I can still look and act like a kid. But lately, it's been getting harder.

I used to be always surrounded by people who were younger than me. Lately though, I've been hanging out with my friends my age and one by one, we're celebrating our birthdays and getting reminded that we're not kids anymore. In a matter of hours, we'll be getting together to remember our classmates who have passed on. We've lost two so far in the past 11 years and we have another in a coma.

Birth and death are a constant reminder of how time passes.

I just wish it wasn't so obvious.