I'm a creature of bad habits. I love spicy food. I smoke Winston Lights. I enjoy the occassional porn movie. Oh, and I watch the Man Show on Jack TV.

I also tend to call people by different names. I refer to my barkada, known to the world as Bill, Mic, Dan and Ganns, as "B", "Boodle, "D-man" and "G-Spot" respectively. I give my other friends names like "Doc", "Bobby-Jo", "Chips", "Komiks", "Whitebread", "Jimbo", "Chingchingbaching", "Miamee" and "Oach" (4J Boys out there, feel free to guess who has what name).

A question crossed my mind today: "Why in God's name can't I call anyone by their regular names? ". Then it hit me. I've been called many things in my life as well.

I grew up being called JayJay by everyone. I got the name from the initials of my real name, John Julian. I then went through that stage in Grade school when first names disappear and we're all called by our last names. I was "Tan" for two years - in addition to some of my teachers calling me Jules or Julius once in a while.

When I got to high school, first names seemed to be resurrected. Seeing that we were getting older, I chose to reinvent myself and dropped one of the "Jays" and simply became "Jay Tan".

Then fourth year happened and I went to a class full of Jays. To tell us apart, one was called Jay A., the other was Jay D. and I became...


It was meant to be an insult at first but it soon became a term of endearment and even up to this day, my 4J friends still call me "Buds" (pronounced "boods") or "Budoy".

With college came another change. I became the "Bounce". I've been asked several times how I got the name. The truth is that it was a necessity. Several of us were chosen to be newsreaders for a pseudo-raio show that we broadcast over the P.A. system. Since we did the show at an ungodly hour, we risked the ire of people who were badly woken up by our voices blaring through the speakers at 730 in the morning. So, we decided to use "on-air" names. Some really wanted to be known so they used their real names. Me? I became the "Bounce" because it reflected my bouncy personality (plus I was as round as a watermelon).

So, I guess my incessant need to christen people with new names is something I do on my part, not as payback, but really because I discovered the joys of having different names. It means that you've actually endeared yourself to someone.

Or in my case, it was an insult before it became an endearment. At least, they cared enough to think up a new name for you.



I got to work today and the new furniture came in. Before, we had desks that were like an "O" in the middle of a big room, with us lining both the inner and outer circles. Now, we have four rows of compact (read: annoyingly snug) cubicles lined up in a way that we look like a call center.

I kinda like the facelift but the new setup puts me away from my artists and in the "quiet" section. It doesn't make much sense from a practical perspective (I now have to communicate with my artist through YM instead of just looing up and talking to him) and I feel this cosmetic change doesn't do much to cover up the ugly parts of the company.

Remember, a few months ago, I had a little trouble in the office when they were going to put me through this "improvement plan" on the whim of the boss after a client complained and he didn't even bother to confirm if this was true.

Now, I found out that my regularization was put on hold, pending an effort on my part to be more "responsive" and less "reactive". I tend to complain a lot and react so much that I don't "encourage feedback".


Maybe it's my advertising background that makes me defend my work a lot, but I think that if they (management) stuck to one message or direction, without shifting or changing their mind, I wouldn't have to defend my work so much. The work that was borne out of their first set of directions.

Anyway, hope the weekend treated you all well. Hope the week will be even better.



I started collecting pirated DVDs about three years ago while I was still at Lowe. It seemed that I was at Makati Square every week, snatching up DVDs by the bushel. Of course, I couldn't resist spreading the love so I brought my officemates with me and soon, they too discovered the joys of the pirated DVD. Before long, I had an insatiable quest to own a copy of every movie I've ever loved or enjoyed over the years - and a few others that just had a special significance to me or my friends, no matter how crappy. I've been everywhere. Makati Square, Quiapo, Riverbanks, VirraMall, the Pier. My obsession got so bad that there was one weekend where I showed up at my "suki" and found no quality films available. I ended up buying some DVDs just for the sake of buying.

After my zealous quest, I had built my collection to about 700 discs but found that there were still a number of films that eluded me. I looked under every stone. Searched in every nook or cranny and always came up empty. These discs were nowhere to be found.

Until I met Jumbs.

It turned out that he was actually the brother of one of my high school barkada. He also held the key to many of the films I was looking for. We established a rapport and soon enough, we were trading DVDs (Well, mostly I was buying them by the pile and let him copy some of my films just so I could get a freebie here or there). I got titles like Before Sunset, The Usual Suspects and Life is Beautiful. My wish list was slowly being whittled down up until last night when we lopped off a big number with the latest batch he brought me.

I am now the proud owner of :
  1. Father of the Bride I and II
  2. Revenge of the Nerds I and II
  3. Only You
  4. Empire Records
  5. Ed Wood
  6. Dogma
  7. The Accidental Tourist
  8. Heart and Souls
  9. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure/Bogus Journey
  10. Truth About Cats and Dogs
  11. Major League 1
  12. Dazed and Confused
  13. Coneheads
  14. Rudy
  15. Breakfast Club
  16. Beavis and Butthead do America
Plus the very first porn DVDs in my collection (Taboo I to IV - I'm sure this has piqued the interest of Rhochie with his 80s fetish).

Soon, I can expect films like He Said She Said, Pleasantville and 10 Things I Hate About You. Soon, my collection will be complete.
And then...then! What then? I gotta find me a new hobby.

I got it! Watching my DVDs!



I have to admit that I kept an eye out for something big to happen this past weekend. After the neverending barrage of scandal-this and expose-that, I waited for the political powder keg that is our country to explode in a series of civil or military uprisings.

It all seemed to fizzle out though and the civil disobedience of the masses went out with a fizzle. I have two theories on this:

First, the Filipinos are just soooooo tired of "People power". It's done. Passe. So yesterday. Get over it. All it would do now is be an annoyance to people who go to Galeria or to the University belt.

My second theory is that most Filipinos have chosen the lesser evil. The Erap administration resembled the Marcos era too much. Same faces. Same cronies and cohorts. More celebrity. Less substance. We're smarter than the rest of the world gives us credit for. Sure, GMA is corrupt, but less so than the other alternative.

Besides, it's only 5 more years till Noli. Who knows how bad things will get then?



About three months ago, I almost resigned from my job here at Zimplizity. It stemmed from an angry email sent to us by our Citibank client, complianing about how the copy of the banners we made kept going back and forth for revisions. Back then, it was the result of a lack of direction on the part of the client itself. They were wishy-washy, they weren't all on the same page and sometimes, their strategy wasn't compelling enough. It was resolved quickly enough though, and I was appeased enough to stay on.

Today, we received an email from the client giving different directions for this new set of banner ads we were doing for them. It seems that the banners we revised yesterday (according again to the directions they gave us) were found "lacking", which I find funny, simply because all we did was follow their directions to the letter.

I was irate, upset, aghast, disgusted, appalled...wait, let me check my thesaurus...oh yeah, incensed, furious, fuming and downright agitated that they weren't happy...with something that came directly from them!

I wrote back to the clinet (in the nicest way possible - believe me, it's sooooo not me) and asked them to settle on a direction in order to avoid all these revisions (and ultimately, a repeat of what happened the last time - with me being singled out as the cause of all the problems). My "boss" didn't take too well to it but in my eyes (and in the eyes of my art director), if I didn't do it, then who will?

We talked in private. He shared my sentiments but was upset I went straight to the client. He was too concerned about protecting the friendly relationship he has with them. In the end, I told him that the writing was on the wall. The vicious cycle was happening again. I asked him that when this all blew up last time, was he blamed? He said no. I asked himif the art director was blamed, to which he also replied "no". I then told him that it was all going to fall on ME!

I have worked with some of the best (Unilever, J&J, Alaska) and some of the worst (Pharmaton) and one thing I've learned is that when the agency (us) can't rein in the client and act as a partner, there will be no direction and the best efforts will all go to shit. I can honestly say that Citibank Philippines has one of the worst and most political set-ups. What they need is a guiding hand and what we give them is a pair of puckered lips positioned at their collective asses.

Was what I did best for business? One may argue that I did what was best for my business. But at the end of the day, whther it is me writing for them or some other poor schlub, we'll all just keep going around in circles unless someone puts their foot down, slams hard on the brakes and points the wheel in the right direction.



Had an eventful weekend. Started well by watching Sin City with the J-Boys at Greenbelt 3 last Friday. Topped off the night with good conversation and a delicious helping of Chicken Nibblers at Max Brenner's. Headed home to pack because I was heading to Montemar for a weekend away with my family and my mom's staff.

As all of you know, I've been looking for a nice little white beach where I could relax before summer's end and I was supposed to find it at Montemar. I got the white beach indeed, but I also got a battering of a lifetime, thanks to the torrents of massive waves that bore down on me while I was taking a dip in the South China Sea.

These were gigantic 7-foot high waves that tossed me asunder and hit me again before I got the chance to recover from the last one. I could have settled for the swimming pool, but when you're at the beach, you have to swim in the ocean, despite the battering waves.

Afterwards, I was so tired, I needed a vacation from my vacation. Thus I spent my first day as a regular employee in bed, recovering from the thrashing.