My annoying "sister" called me out on the fact that I have been neglecting this blog. Truth is, I rarely have time for much nowadays. My life has turned on its head actually. I haven't even bought a new DVD in more than a month.

Let's just say that my days and nights have been occupied. No, work hasn't been rough. God's just decided to throw a little surprise my way. A little surprise in the form of a new romantic interest. My high school buds met her na and in a moment that is sooo not me, I threw my friends-first policy out the window and decided to let her know early on that I liked her. And in a moment that I am not accustomed to, she wanted to see where it goes.

So, I'm in completely new territory. I'm used to getting shot down that now, I have no idea what to do. I'm just gonna go along for the ride. A new day for a new Jay i say.



Had a hosting gig last Saturday...one that I actually got paid for. It's been a while. Anyway, it was a debut and they asked me to come in at 6 since the event was supposed to start at 7. Got to Manila Hotel at 5:40 so I decided to have an early supper at Cafe Ilang-Ilang. I never felt so grown up. I mean, I'm 30 years old but it was my first time to dine at Manila Hotel without my family in tow and I paid for my own meal.

The event started late (an hour and a half!) and it was kinda disorganized at first. Microphones weren't in place. Last second changes to the program. Needless to say, I was pissed and was cursing the organizers under my breath. It ended pretty well though and they were very happy with my hosting. They want to work with me again in the future. I'll see if I really need the money.


Got shocked when I opened my e-mail this morning. Turns out, another of our batchmates died last week. The memo from Ateneo didn't specify the cause of death but it's just another one too many for our batch. As for the one who passed away, he was someone I was acquainted with from Grade School. He was from the honors class and last I heard, he suffered a nervous breakdown from all the teasing and insults levied his way by his classmates. Mind you, I spent some time in the honors class and they could be mean if they wanted to. Rest in peace Ramon Salvosa.



Went to Greenbelt to catch the 10:15pm showing of Superman Returns with the J-boys. I was geeking out from the get-go when the familiar opening strains of the overture started playing and the geeking out continued as Bryan Singer decided to pay homage to the Superman films of the Christopher Reeve era with references borrowed from its predecessors. Granted, the movie was dragging on at some points and the unexpected twist was sacreligious from a comic book fan's point of view, I enjoyed the movie. Superman is Superman and it was a good way to bring him back and reintroduce him to the movie-going public. Maybe the next movie will have him duking it out with an enemy where he can let loose with his super powers - Bizarro or Brainiac perhaps?

Caught the replay of the Pacquiao match last night. I wasn't expecting much since, in the weeks leading up to the event, many boxing experts were predicting a win over Larios, who was reported to be damaged goods. We got the win we wanted but not in the way we were hoping for. Oddsmakers changed the betting line and instead of predicting the winner, people were laying wagers on which round Pacquiao would knock out Larios. Unfortunately for them, Larios went the distance despite being floored by Manny twice. He even got Manny on the ropes in the third.

But in the end, Manny Pacquiao made Oscar Larios into his punching bag, unleashing combinations and flurries for every one-two that Larios could get in. He was gracious in defeat and you have to give to the guy, he took every punch Manny had (even a no-look over(head?)hand left during a clench) and left on hiks own two feet (albeit he was battered and bloodied).

Oh, and despite my prejudices, I was glad that ABS-CBN did the broadcast. At least we didn't have to hear Quinito Henson sing Manny's praises to high heavens proclaiming him to be the hero of the Filipino people.