I wrote an entry a while back about how much an org I put up back in college has grown. I didn't realize how big it was until I saw this.

Wow. I mean, wow. This is The Ateneo Special Education Society (SPEED) batch '05-'06.




Got together with the J-boys last Friday, and made plans for Philip's wedding and our upcoming Christmas party. I got home at around 4 am and planned to watch a little TV in bed before I slept. In the middle of Discovery's "The New Detectives", I heard a funky sound come from outside. Something like R2D2 on steroids.

Mind you, the next part will make you think I'm crazy. But read on if you dare.

I looked out my window and saw the brightest star. After a while though, it seemed that it wasn't a star at all. The bright speck suddenly became a row of little light dots in a tinge of green and red. Then, the "star" suddenly started moving in a circular fashion. I myself couldn;t believe it.

At this point, you might think that I was hallucinating but I swear that I didn't have a drop of alcohol in me. I didn't hit the wacky weed either.

I then called my aunt's friend who was staying with us on her cellphone. She sent one of my brother's friends and he saw the same thing. The same blinking. The same movements. We even exclaimed that we saw it moving to the right at the same time. Soon, my aunt's friend came over and she too saw what we did. After a while, the light seemed to move upwards till it dissappeared from sight.

I wonder who'll pay for this kind of story.



This week, I met the most enchanting woman. It was at a friend's birthday party and we got to talking. Me with my wine, she with her scotch - at least I think it was scotch.

My friend had told me about her before. She's also from advertising and she likes funny guys who make her laugh.

I can do funny.

Anyway, she was great - funny, intelligent, and she had the most amazing eyes and smile.

I got her number and we got to texting each other a little when we both got home.

Now comes the hard part - how do I ask her out? Haven't done this in a while.


I felt like changing the wallpaper on my computer today, so I got on the net and tried to find pictures of the new Hollywood "It" girl, Jessica Alba. As I found one that caught my fancy, I found out that this sultry star will be appearing in at least two sequels in the coming years.

First up, Jessica will reprise her role as Nancy the stripper in the sequel to Sin City. This time, the movie will feature all-new stories concocted by Frank Miller, just for the screenplay. It was reported that Jessica's character will embark on a mission to kill the remaining members of the family that killed her beloved Hartigan (played by Bruce Willis). It was said to feature her with more use of the lasso and even less clothing. Thank you Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez.

Then, slated for a 2007 release, is the sequel to the Fantastic Four, which earned over 150 million dollars, despite being pegged as a bomb by the critics. The movie was a smash hit, and Jessica Alba only had to flash her underwear for five seconds. Can't wait to see her (clothes) dissappear as she reprises her Invisible Woman role.

Here's to you Jess. Keep 'em coming.



Here's to WWE wrestler Eddie Guerrero who passed away yesterday. The world of wrestling lost one of its brightest stars.

It's kinda hard to believe that he died. I made the rounds of the internet sites, hoping that it was a hoax. His wrestling persona was well known for the tricks he would play just to get ahead. Unfortunately, the news was true. If you aren't a fan of professional wrestling, I suggest you find some of his matches. You'll quickly change your mind.


I just realized that so many wrestlers I grew up watching have passed on. God has so many of them, he could have a WrestleMania in heaven - he just got himself a main-eventer.

Let's run down the names of some of those who have gone up to that great big wrestling ring in the sky:
Owen Hart, Yokozuna, Rick Rude, Mr.Perfect, Andre the Giant, Road Warrior Hawk, The British Bulldog, Hercules Hernandez, Dino Bravo, Big John Studd, Junkyard Dog, Gorilla Monsoon, Big Boss Man. Even Miss Elizabeth.

I wonder why so many wrestlers die so young.



As of last Friday, my bosses at 141 Worldwide have seen fit to make me a regular employee of the company. Overall, it was a positive evaluation and pretty much dead-on. They recognized my strengths and I acknowledge all their suggested areas of improvement. Next step for me is to push myself creatively and assert myself more.

Coming back from a two-year absence wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I admit that I took the back seat in a lot of things - just so I could acclimate myself and fit into my new surroundings. Now, I need to take a lead role...something that I hesitated doing since I didn;t want to rock the boat too much.

Now, they're asking me to do it. Who am I to say no?



Saw an interesting message in Friendster today. Seems that the Texas Hold 'Em craze is spreading and there will be a major tournament on the 19th of November. I don't know about you guys but I'm signing up. Who's with me?

JG Poker Tour Dead Money Bounty
Message: The first-ever JG Poker Tour Dead Money Bounty

Date: November 19, 2005

Venue: Penthouse. Legrand Condominium. Valero
St., Makati City.

Game: No-Limit Texas Hold 'Em - No Rebuys

Maximum Players: 70

Registration time: 230pm

First Deal: 330pm

Places Paid: no. of tables plus two

Payouts: Guaranteed 45% of the pot for the 1st,
20% for the 2nd, all other places to be announced
during the tourney

Buy-in: 1,200 + 300 + 100 (If you're wondering what
the 50 is for, we'll explain later).

Finally, a tournament hosted by the members of the
sole poker group that is proud to admit that all its
members are dead money. In an embarrassing
display of pure bravado, JG poker tour is inviting
the best players in town to pit their skills against
their own somewhat mediocre poker-playing

In this amazingly lopsided tournament that can
possibly seat 70 contenders, manilas greatest
poker players will play against themselves (and JG
Poker Tours somewhat confident beginners) where
people will be eliminated one by one until only a
sole survivor remains to claim victory.

Bounty Hunter Twist

Two players will be chosen randomly and he/she
will have a bounty on his/her head. The bounty
hunters who take the two players out will
half the total bounty...BUT... if the person with a
bounty is able to make it to the final 2 tables,
he/she gets the winnings to himself/herself.

Pre-register today and avoid the pains of a waitlist.
Contact Jardine at 0918-9072729 or check out our
friendster site by searching user:



Back. Fresh from a four-day jaunt up north in Baguio. Didn't see much of Baguio except from the window of an SUV. Saw a lot of bathroom interiors though.

Blame the great food and the cold weather.

Stuffed myself silly trying out something new at places like Volante's (A cozy Pizza and Pasta place on Session Road), Forest House (delightful little cafe - big sizes, Manila prices), Cafe by the Ruins (Lived up to expectations, food was ok lang), Rito's (600 bucks for 2 large bowls of Bulalo, Lechon Kawali, Ginisang Munggo, Seven plates of rice and assorted drinks - sulit ever!) and Little John's (Kinda cheap pero bitin yung food) - thus many a visit to sit on my throne.

Stayed at Ching's condo. Had to climb three flights to get to the unit then an additional flight to get to the bedrooms. I coined the phrase, "The air is thin and I am not" as I wheezed every time we had to climb.

Met some cool new friends. They hosted our drinking on the second night. We toasted them on the third. Nothing like a few mental games mixed with a lot of alcohol.

Got to enjoy the amazing view from the top of Mt. Sto. Tomas. Made me realize that the universe is so much bigger than me.

Baguio in a word: cool.