It's been 25 days since I turned 31. I remember that I was on top of the world...then the rest of the month happened. Deadline upon deadline upon deadline. Late nights on late nights. Right now, my energy is literally at a miniscule ebb. Thankfully, my boss granted my request for a leave on Thursday and Friday. I' m going to spend it lying in bed and watching the Ateneo game.

Hopefully, it will also get my mind off the fact that *Bubbly* (my new codename for **) is leaving the office. It's her last day today. I've been prepping myself for the fact that I won't be able to see her everyday. No more popping up behind her desk to bug her. No more lunches or rides to and from work. She really was the best part of going to work for me and not having her around to see her smile or hear her "kulit"ness is going to leave such a big void in my day...



You all know the old saying. It's been a pretty depressing week so far. I went to the wake of my friend Nicole's dad last Sunday. He died from a heart attack. Then yesterday, my officemate's dad and my friend Ali Figueroa's mom both passed away. To top it all off, my brother just got confined in the hospital and it's suspected that he has dengue. What's next?


My biorhythm at work has been down as well. One client in particular has been acting up and hasn't been receptive to our ideas for the past few projects. Anything we present is either too witty, or even worse, something she can't understand or relate to. Of course, this same client doesn't know Rapunzel or Monopoly.


And on Tuesday, my romantic interest is leaving 141 Worldwide. She never got a fair deal and got stuck with a boss who would rather scold her than teach her, and Instead of transferring her to another account where she can learn the basics, they're just cutting her loose. A part of me is happy that she'll finally be free of the clutches of this boss, but of course, I'm not too happy with the possibility of not being able to see her everyday. Plus, I know that if given the chance, she'd have been great...



I should have been a scriptwriter. Scenario: Jay and his lady friend emerge from Chili's after a nice dinner. After a smoke, she asks him to walk around a bit first.

GIRL: I like walking with you.
JAY: You just want me to exercise.
GIRL: True, but I also like talking to you when we walk.
JAY: Well...I wouldn't walk for anyone else but you.




Wednesday last week - worked till 3AM of Thursday. Still came in later that day for a recording.
Friday - had to attend the first Dunhill Perfectionists Party then went out with **. Got home at 4AM
Saturday - did my show and had my birthday party. Slept at 6AM
Sunday - had to go to work at 2PM. Went home at 130 AM this morning
Monday - Looking at an all-nighter for the Carlos I pitch

Oh my God. I am sooooooooooooooooooooo tired.