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I was especially looking forward to Holy Week this year, if not for anything else but to get away from work for a while. It was a rough last two weeks before the Easter break with me almost resigning over some office controversy. Thankfully (with an apology from the Boss), I'm still here and trying to institute some changes to make things better in the company.

Work was one of the things on my mind as the Holy Week break started. I personally look at Holy Week as the time when I do a retrospective on the year that was. My mind looked back on the previous year and I remember that my only prayer of thanks was for the fact that I was still alive and that I had family and friends who really cared. This year, I had a lot to be thankful for. A good job (not great - yet), my health, friends and family and a whole plethora of blessings that our good Lord has deemed me worthy to receive.

I'm just sad that I wasn't able to follow through on one of the two spiritual exercices I had planned for myself over the weekend. Aside from watching "The Passion", I was hoping to spend some time in front of the Gesu Church and just reflect and look ahead on my year ahead. Unfortunately, late nights and midnight snacks stood in the way of my getting up bright and early and I never woke up in time to do my task. It would've been nice though. Some "me" time with God. Maybe next year.

So, as I struggle to come to grips with a new work week, let me wish you all a happy Easter again!



About a year ago, I posted the results of a test I took to see how evil I was. At the time, I was 40% evil.

I took the test again today. I am now 42% evil.

What a difference a year makes...

Anyway, have a happy Holy Week everyone! Again, don't forget the reason for the season!



My typical weekend starts on Saturdays with me in bed until noon. After lunch and a cigarette, I hunker down in front of the TV for a movie or some standard programming. I usually look forward to an eight-year old episode of Saturday Night Live as the afternoon starts winding down. I either then head out to meet up with my friends or stay home and watch a few more movies.

The last few weekends though, have taken me out of my comfort zone. There was the Bicol trip last week and Meah Ang See's wedding this past weekend. I've mentioned her before. She's one of those first friends I made in my freshman year and has since been a regular visitor to my home (to borrow DVDs of course). She's always been the "Woman-child" in our eyes due to her childlikeness and vivacious personality. When she first intorduced us to her then-boyfriend-now-husband, I noticed that he was the perfect balance to her. The Yang to her Yin(ching). And when she got married last Saturday, all of us from our freshman group in attendance thought the same thing, the little girl has grown up.

I hosted the reception of course, with Solvie in tow. We spieled, we joked, we sang (Solvie had this amazing rendition of Love Moves in Mysterious Ways) and all-in-all, gave such a good show that the normally stoic crimebuster Teresita Ang See had a wide smile on her face the entire night, laughing along to our funny lines (yes even the green ones). It was a perfect time to look back on some memories of our group, to look at us today and to look forward to all the good times to come.

Of course, I spent Sunday in bed all day. Once I heard that Pacquiao had lost and with Michael Schumacher stuck in 12th on the starting grid of the grand prix in Sepang, I decided to cancel my plans of a sporty Sunday and just slept.



This was originally intended to be my entry in the 4J blog, but due to its sensitive nature, I figured I'd post it here.

I have a high school barkada. It's a group of people who have seen each other through the growing pains of adolescence up to the harder problems of our workaday world. It's a group of people, whom, 12 years after high school, still make it a point to get together and share a few laughs (at the expense of one of our own usually). Aside from our constant companionship, we've amassed something like a female edition of our boys' club made up of our significant others (for those who do have them) or spouses. They're always there...some sit lovingly by their men who are engaged in a drinking binge or trip down memory lane. Some of the other girls seem to take a more active role, drinking with the best of them and sometimes showing who wears the pants in their relationship. Others couldn't care less and wait at home while the boys have a night-out. Nevertheless, they have all become part of our class' lore and history.

Unfortunately, some things can't be avoided and some relationships fall apart. That usually means that the unfortunate girl becomes an afterthought in our history unless something happens between her and another of the boys, then a new chapter begins in our novel...an intricate web of jilted lovers and shared histories.

When a relationship falls apart in our class, the girl usually ends up breaking up with us too. Forget the many years of hanging out together. Forget the bonds already formed. Our loyalty is to our classmate. He's not asking for much right? We usually accede since we have to stand and respect the wishes of our brother. He's one of us after all.

But hasn't she become the same? It's sad when this happens and it just did. The unlucky lady has resigned herself to becoming a silent audience to our story and she can only read it through our blogs. Sister, you know who you are. We'll miss 'ya!

Don't wanna end this on a sad note so here's a few hellos:
  • Hello Lyra (Dumdum) Rakusin! Our prodigal daughter has returned from the states complete with a boob job and a whole new religion! Welcome back!
  • Hello too to my new DVDs! It's not as impressive as my holy week haul from last year but there's still a few days left to change that. I got Sideways, Ray, Easy, Misery and Where's the Party Yaar?



As I'm sitting here typing this, my muscles are aching and my joints are creaking. Travelling a thousand kilometers can do that to a person. It was worth the trip as we spent last weekend trekking way down south to witness the wedding of my friend Mic.

I took Friday off in the hopes of leaving for Bicol at 11 am. Some unforseen delays changed our plans though and we were forced to leave past midnight. No complaints. It allowed me to attend the Colayco send-off with some of my friends. It was, as I like to put it, "comfortably familiar". It was also fitting that I spent my last moments in Colayco with the group I started hanging out with there in the first place. I joined Solvie, Meah, GQ and several other Colayco stalwarts I've known over the years. there were testimonials, memorabilia auctions and a final walk-through of the building. I got to say goodbye to my old haunts like the Strains room, the COA room, the Oproom, Sanggu and DSWS. We had a nightcap at Gayuma after then I headed home before midnight to get ready for the trip.

We arranged to meet at the Petron on the expressway at 2. We ended up leaving at 330 due to someone being late. He was the one who caused the initial delay too. It took us just 8 hours to get to Legaspi and we would have made it sooner if not for someone getting lost in Lucena - yup the guy who delayed us struck again. The trip itself was okay. Danny and I joked and talked and laughed all the way. We laughed so much that our cheeks were hurting by the 6th hour. We were even joined by Bill via speaker phone and we talked and reminisced for about 30 minutes.

We got to Mic's house before lunch and were able to rest a bit and have some lunch before we headed to our reserved cabanas near the beach. After dressing, we figured we had enough time to make it to the church. We ended up getting lost and missing the entire thing, much to my chagrin.

Come reception time, it was bittersweet for me. I confess that once upon a time, I did have feelings for this girl, just like every other guy in our barkada (hey, if I'm going down, I'm taking the rest of you with me...right Danny, Stephen and Bill?). I took one potshot ("Mic's always been one of the guys, so this is the closest thing I'm going to get to a same-sex marriage"), followed it up with an endearing message ("Mic has always been the heart of our group and it's nice to know that our heart has found a new home in the hands of the groom."), did a surprise number (sang "Wear my Ring," a song I wrote some years ago for my parents' wedding anniversary), and cried as Mic's brothers and father danced with her with the song "Butterfly Kisses" playing hauntingly in the background.

Mic thanked me afterwards for not "spilling the beans" despite it being in m power to do so. Hehe.

I ended up shedding a tear again as Danny and I sat and watched Mic taking family pictures from afar and he remarked "Our Mic is gone". Our Mic. Subtly screaming with so much meaning. She was, and is one of us and the first of our circle to get married. Our regret is that we weren't around to see their relationship grow. Our little sister has "grown up" in our eyes and she has never been more beautiful.

We headed right to bed after the reception and woke up at 6 the next day. Our scheduled 8 o'clock departure time was postponed by a delicious breakfast with Mic's parents and a photo-op at the Caragaya ruins. We finally left at 10:30 for Manila.

Now, I'm tired and cranky but it was worth it.



Congratulations are in order.

Forgive me for patting myself on the back but keeping this blog active for a year is quite the accomplishment for me. The longest I've ever kept a journal of any kind prior to this has been a week.

Thanks for letting me bounce my thoughts off you guys for a whole year!



As all freshmen who enter the Ateneo, I began my college life hanging out in the Quad. Thankfully, I was recruited for a leadership program and started hanging out in the Strains room in Colyaco Hall, the home of the different student organizations. It was here that I found my first group of college friends. Here where we formed SPEED. Here where we hung out, played cards and "studied" during our breaks.

When I came back to Ateneo after being kicked out, I found myself drawn to Colayco again, hanging out in different rooms, forming friendships, falling in love and fulfilling my need to be active with school projects.

Today, I received word that there will be a send-off for Colayco next Friday as they are tearing it down to make way for a bigger student building. I understand the need for the change, but one can't help but feel bad...and really sentimental. Colayco was a place where change was effected. Where the seeds of leadership were planted. Where many of us socially-conscious Ateneans find our roots.

I won't be able to make it next Friday but here's to you Colayco. Thanks for the memories. Literally.



After the last race ended, I thought that anything had to be better than what we had to put up with last time out. Three weeks later, the new season debuted, and suddenly, the bad taste that last season left in my mouth has completely dissappeared.

Here's my take on the teams this time out:

  1. Rob and Amber - You remember them from Survivor. They perfected the credo of doing everything possible to win and they proved it in this leg. Used to the pressures of reality competition, they looked like they wouldn't break a sweat, looking relaxed even after wasting so much time trying to pop open their car's trunk. They used every thing to their advantage, from their Survivor notoriety to get favors from locals to their natural talents and strength - at both the detour and when they pushed an old VW van to escape traffice enroute to the pit stop. They finished third this leg and every team seems to be gunning for them - especially the mother/son team who seem obsessed with them - no worries though. Let others worry about Rob and Amber. They just have to worry about the race. It's not like anyone can vote them off right?
  2. Patrick and Susan - Doting mother and gay son. They are very competitive and smart enough to latch onto the stronger teams. The son just seems to both underestimate and over-obsess on the Survivor couple. If they keep their current alliance, they could make it far. I just got really peeved when the mother felt so bad about coming in second on this leg. Hello? The race just started! Cry like that when you're out a million dollars!
  3. Debbie and Bianca - Best friends but they seem to be more than that. As racers, they are tough, smart and plan things out well. One of them even speaks fluent Spanish. It doesn't hurt that they're both lookers. They're probably the strongest team there. Beneath the veneer though, there apparently lies two things. First is a mean streak - especially when they sent another team on a wild goose chase letting them think that they would benefit. Secondly, they seem to really be more than just best friends. They kiss a whole lot. Tell each other "I love you" and call each other baby more than the real couples do. I'm not complaining though.
  4. Brian and Greg - Brothers. I expected them to be the alpha males of the bunch but they came of more like bumbling idiots with their brains in the pants. I like them though. They have the right amount of humor and idiocy but I don't see them winning.
  5. Lynn and Alex - Gay couple. They don't play the gay card. They don't feel discriminated against. They are fun to watch and they're fat and out of shape. I hope they stick around.
  6. Meredith and Gretchen - Cute old couple. Won't last too long. Pardon the expression but "Same old, same old."
  7. Uchenna and Joyce - Married. God doesn't reward blandness. Aside from their interesting back history, there's not much else there.
  8. Ron and Kelly - POW and Pagent winner. Same as number 7.
  9. Megan and Heidi. Room mates. Blond. Bland. Will watch to see what develops between them and the brothers.
  10. Ryan and Chuck - Best friends. Hillbillies. They were fun to watch and it was disheartening to see them go in the first round.
  11. Ron and Deana - This is them in a nutshell: Lori and Bolo crossed with Jonathan and Victoria. They are the only dark cloud on what appears to be a brighter seventh season for my favorite show.



I originally planned for this to be my Valentine's day blog entry, but the mood to write it didn't hit me then. Of course, I didn't know then what I know now.

She knows.

She, of course, is someone whose name I won't mention here. Yet.

She is someone I've known for the longest time. We've been friends all these years but we only became really close last 2004.

I always found her attractive. Back in college, I once told a friend that this girl would make the perfect wife. Naturally, she had many suitors, and it was here that she began honing her sharpshooter skills, shooting down each guy's chances with a clean shot through the heart.

But don't get me wrong. She's one of the most amazingly wonderful people I know. Frank, sincere, caring and a heart filled to the brim with goodness. When we talk, it's comfortably familiar - as conversations with old friends really feel - yet it's also a joy to keep learning something new about her even after all this time. I'd have gone after her a long time ago, yet circumstances kept getting in the way.

Job. Studies. Job. Family. Things important to her, so I elect to wait. Which has always been my perrenial problem. In the past, by the time I feel the time is right, I had either missed my chance or had safely entered the friend zone.

And with this girl, I must be miles into the friend zone by now. But then again, I found out that she knows. Usually, as soon as she finds out about a guy's feelings for her, she begins to prepare a speech to let the guy down easy. No sign of the speech yet. And I've been able to go out with her and talk to her on the phone in the past week.

Now I know that she knows. I found out thanks to a friend whom I requested to seek the help of her officemate. When he told the officemate, the girl gamely replied that they knew. And that she knew. They've known it for a long time. They were wondering why I hadn't made a move.

So , I'm about to take a risk I haven't taken in four years. I'm going to go up to her with a bullseye painted over my heart and I'm going to take a shot.

Hopefully, she leaves her gun at home.