Turning 30 in a matter of hours.

Can't complain. Compared to a year ago, my life is awesomely great.

Got a smile on my face and the sun on my shoulder.

I finally have a window seat at work.

Life is good. Thanks for sharing it with me.



Last weekend I caught

...up on sleep.
...a cold.
...kim possible the movie (ron and kim...i knew it would happen)
...the episode of Lost that I missed last Thursday (damn hanging endings)
...the episode of Ed where Carol finally shows Ed how she really feels.
...myself looking at my DVD collection and wondering what the hell to watch when there were about 50 films there begging for my attention.
... my cute puppy stinky gnawing every slipper that she could get her paws on
...the health bug and shopped for bran cereal and corn flakes
...several people being assholes and gave them a piece of my mind.

Hehe. Yep, it happened again. I once wrote an entry about how I was pissed one day then took it out on unsuspecting assholes. Whoops. I did it again. Firstly, we had lunch last Sunday at Hot Rocks and were only able to get a table for 6 (we were 12). We were waiting inside by the entrance for the waitress to clear off this other table when this guy walked past us, whispered something to the waitress and started calling over his family, including his geriatric mom and dad (with matching canes/walkers). Unfortunately for him, he skipped ahead of me and my equally-hotblooded family. I laid into him first, graciously telling him that we were ahead of him. He had the gall to say that he was first. I then pointed out that we already had a table and had ordered before he arrived. He went on about his business and ushered his dad to a seat. Amazingly in straight tagalog (albeit with a bit of a twang), I raised my voice and said, "Sir, nauna kami. Kung wala ka lang kasamang matanda papatulan na kita!" My cousin chimed in, then my uncles, and before my dad could join in the fray, the guy started apologizing profusely. I told him to talk to my hand.

Afterwards, I went to the nearby Shopwise to buy my cereal rations for the week. As me and my mom were walking the aisles, this lady was coming right towards us with her shopping cart and she instead of looking where she was going, she was texting! We deftly sidestepped and I stuck my head in front of her face and "suggested" that next time, she shouldn't be texting while she's pushing a damn grocery cart.

Hehe. Don't make me angry, you won't like me when I'm angry.



Saturday night. At work again. No surprise.

Much to my family's consternation, I love it. Been noticing that my dad's been getting a little testy at me. We rarely speak now coz I go home late and the times we're early, I talk about nothing but work and he talks about nothing but his new football school. Yeah, areal meeting of the minds. Sometimes it pisses me of that when my cousin from Cebu was staying with us, he'd jump right out of bed and sit with my cousing while he ate, no matter how late he arrived.

I get home and he spazzes when I kiss him hello.

And it's only been 3 weeks.

My mom understands. I gotta go where I'm happy and I have.

They're gonna be changing our seating arrangement. As it is, All the other creatives are sitting near each other while my cubicle is near the accounts section. Being the talkative type that I am, I can't help but indulge them in conversation. Who cares if all of them were born in 1983 right?

We get along great actually. I'm like a big old teddy bear to them. When have I not been?

I'd like to stress the word "old" though. I feel like an old fart with the music they play or the way they speak. And that's something I never thought would ever happen.

Ah well. Must be feeling my age.



I, as well as some of the regular visitors to this blog, have noiced that the beautiful template that has been my blog's design for a couple of months now has begun to have some bugs in it. I kept it that way since I loved the design so much, but as the title goes, enough is enough.

Took a look at several blog designs and settled for this one (in the meantime). I will find some fantastical new design soon enough. But till then...this will suffice.



For the first time, I might actually be going home early. Having said that, I'm expecting a dozen job orders to plop down on my desk anytime now...all with deadlines for tomorrow.

Five minutes have passed and not a single J.O. My luck is holding.


I apologize if all my recent blog entries have all been about work. Seems that nothing else has been occupying my time as much.

Let's see, what else is there to blog about? A friend of mine recently had her first threesome but I don't think she'll appreciate my sharing her story here. I'll just say, "Welcome to the club."


Last time I checked, I'm just 16 days shy of my 30th birthday. I feel a introspective coming on but I'll save that for a different entry.

All my friends are invited to share in my celebration though. I'll be throwing a bash at my place on September 3, 2005. If you haven't received an invite yet, I apologize. Either you changed your number or I really don't have a way of contacting you. For the slighted ones, please do email me or leave a comment on this blog so that I could rectify my oversight.



The blanket I meant was the blanket of rain that seems to have covered all of Manila. It makes for perfect bed weather, the problem being that I'm nowhere near my bed...not counting the beanbag that has served as my bed during our overnight OT sessions.

Despite that thought, it's actually a good backdrop to end this long week. And what a week it's been. Now, the hectic pace has decided to finally take a break and the curtain of rain outside the window has that nice comfortable feeling. It's like I'm going into this weekend knowing that I'll get to relax a little and enjoy life at a nice leisurely pace.

Got to have lunch with my friend Nines. She moved out of her old place so she's been pretty hard to contact. Now I find out that she's looking for a place in Makati. Somewhere in Salcedo Village.

What do you know? So am I.

A few years back, we were playing with the idea of getting a place together. After lunch today, we just might. A "Will and Grace" type of thing. Best friends living together. Only, I'm not gay and she has bigger boobs.

Comforting thought indeed. Not about the boobs - I know what most of you think about me. Haha! Have a happy weekend all of you!



I'll say this for 141, they're consistent.

Mind you, I'm not complaining, but I find it interesting that I've not gotten more than a day's lead time on any project that's been sent my way so far.

Thus, I've not gotten a good night's sleep thrice now in the past two weeks. My first all-nighter was last Wednesday and we had to conceptualize ads for two different campaigns in one night. Done. I finished two campaign studies for a certain promo and both were approved with radio AND print.

Monday night, we were working on a pitch. Which we were briefed on the past Friday. Another night, another day.

And here we are again. Two campaigns and we're making concepts for them off the seats of our pants. Brief. Brainstorm. Execute. We have a presentation for one of them at 10:00 am (It's just after three am right now) and we haven't even really started.

I'll be forty even before I reach my 30th birthday.

And how have you all been?



I've been away from advertising too long. No, I'm not having a hard time adjusting or anything. Far from it. It's just that my family isn't used to my crazy schedule anymore. Case in point: When I spent the night at the office last Wednesday, my dad texted me about 4-5 times asking if I was OK or when I was coming home.

I appreciate the concern and I do understand it. I'm no spring chicken anymore and the schedule here can only get more brutal. Thus, I have made the supreme sacrifice and decided to live a little healthier. Note: just a little.

Like, instead of getting double cheeseburgers at McDo for lunch today, I turned to Delifrance and picked up a Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad.

Yep, I used "I" and "salad" in a sentence other than "I hate salad."

Am going to stock up on oatmeal and other high-fiber foods.

And I will shop for salad ingredients on payday so that I can make my own salads from home and bring them to work.

And just to show you that it still is Jay Tan writing this blog, I will not let go of my nasty smoking habits.

Hey, I told you I was gonna live a LITTLE healthier.



When I was being interviewed for this job t 141, one of the CDs asked me, "Why do you want to go back to advertising?"

Being so pompous and sure of myself, I replied, "I miss it. I miss the late nights. I miss those sessions where we just bounce ideas off each other and build on them."

The CD marked down "Mentally disturbed" on his interview form.

To which I added, "Don't forget to put masochistic and glutton for punishment".

It seemed funny then, but they were also famous last words.

As it is, it is almost 5 in the morning and I've been in the office for almost 20 straight hours now.

I still have some copy to write for some presentations due later, but I have to admit that it's exactly what I asked for.

Case in point, at around 11 last night, we had some coffee after dinner at Sigafredo in Salcedo Village. Afterwards, we found ourselves sitting on the steps of the building, tossing ideas around and trying to form a cohesive thought. All this in the middle of the night.

Be careful what you wish for indeed.

"I wish for a hot, naked chinita right now!"

Hey, it could happen.



Settling in.

I'm typing this from my new friend, the iMac G4. Kinda different from what I'm used to, but nothing I can't handle.

Not bad. First day pa lang, 3 Job Orders were thrown my way. Nothing too fancy. Revise this. Adjust that. My partner got the lion's share of the work.

Pleasant surprises - found several ex-officemates from Lowe and a former schoolmate among the people here so they made me feel right at home. The folks here are pretty nice...some even register as certified cuties.

That's that for now. Gotta get back to work.