To quote my friend Charo,


The beauty of my job is that I am supposed to be the end-all and be-all when it comes to matters of the English Language. Far be it for me to tell a designer or a programmer how to do their job. We have a software tester here who seems to think that commenting on grammar is part of his job. I'll let you be the judge. Here, he's commenting on copy I wrote:

"We developed and execute a reservation service for ZimpliHotels ---> is the tenses ok?"

IS the TENSES? Bwahahahahaha! How can you expect me to trust you with grammar when your own sentence is, unfortunately, gramatically incorrect!

He also seems to think that the "Careers" page that we find on other company sites should be "Career" lang.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.



Had dinner with Danny last week. He brought his girlfriend Karen and her younger sister. Cute little thing, a little quiet though. On the rare occassions that we got her to talk, we asked her to guess who was older...Dan or myself. Now Dan is 2 years younger than me but whenever I play this game, I usually come up the winner, and it was no different this time.

"Who's older?"

"Danny!" she said with conviction.

Ego-boosted and head-inflated as I was, I fessed up to my real age. Every sentence she then uttered to me after that ended with the word, "Po".

I asked her to stop.

"Sige po." was her reply.

Flash forward to this past Saturday. It was the graduation day at our new football school and my brother had a few of his former teammates show up to coach the kids. One of them turned up to be this girl from UST who I had apparently met before. When all was said and done and my brother and most of his friends piled into the Mercedes, I offered to take her in our other car so she didn't have to squeeze in with the other guys.

"Thank you po." she said.

Now, I look young. I feel young. I sound young. I can fool people into thinking I'm fresh out of college or something. But once they find out my real age, I get a "Po" right away. I know that they're being respectful but I'm not that old, am I?

Please don't answer that.

"Sige po."



Being embroiled in a veritable family feud isn't a good place to be. Like something out of the pages of a script of Falcon Crest or Dallas (from those fun soap operas of the 80s), battle lines are being drawn and it would make for pretty good drama.

An aging patriarch struggles with retirement and the detiorating condition of his wife...

His eldest daughter has been through hell with marital problems and the illness of her son to think about on top of running the day-to-day operations of the household.

Her husband has returned after an illicit affair brought about by the collapse of his legal empire. He now stands steadfast at his wife's side.

The eldest son has recovered from his mysterious malady but remains powerless to stop what is happening around him.

Their other son struggles at work and is rarely home.

The patriarch's son, who leeches off his father at every opportunity has suffered a stroke after doing nothing but spreading rumors and sowing discontent among the members of the family.

His overbearing sister returns and suffers from delusions of grandeur, claiming to come save her brother and her father from the abuse and clutches of her older sister.

The youngest sister, secretly allied with the oldest sister yet having to contend with the ranting of the second sister as well as the financial burden of the family.

The battle lines are drawn. What will happen next?

Times like these, I turn to the comfort of friends. But, faced with the fact that my closest circle are all away, I find solace and escape reality by...watching reality.

Been enjoying Joe Schmoe (fun!), The Contender (Go Sergio!) and American Idol (Spoiler Alert! - Carrie Wins!!!). It's an escape, I know but less dramatic than my real life, right?



I stumbled out of bed at 6 this morning with a cloudy head and a stuffy nose. Finally, after al these weeks of heat, it started raining. I'd like to think that it got so hot, God started sweating.

Unfortunately, this has led me to have a bad case of head cold. I feel so slow and sluggish and I was seriously considering staying home today. Unfortunately, the J-Boys are watching Episode III tonight and have already bought my ticket.

Seeing that my office is minutes away from Greenbelt 3, I chose to avoid any potential situations where I would have had to explain my absence only to show up at the theatre after office hours and went to work.

The sickness clouds my thoughts it does.

My cold is getting worse feels I.

The Revenge of the Sipon.



Was perusing my favorite movie-related websites when I came across several interesting tidbits.

First of all, scheduled for release this week in the States is "Adam and Burt. Return to the Batcave". A farcical reunion show whose premise is that the Batmobile from the TV series has been stolen and Adam West and Burt Ward team up to find it, reminiscing about their time together as the dynamic duo along the way. Included in the cast are a few Batman favorites like Lee Meriwhether, Julie Newmar and Frank Gorshin, playing themselves or doing a cameo. I hope this comes out on pirated DVD here. Judging from the lack of quality films coming out on DVD in the next two months, I hope that the pirates do pick this up.

Secondly, guess who's signed on to play the "Beast" in the third X-Men movie. Kelsey Grammer of "Frasier" and "Cheers" fame. Maggie Jones from "Lost" is negotiating to play Kitty Pride and Vinnie Jones is going to play "Juggernaut."

Don't forget, "Batman Begins" and "Fantastic Four" are just around the corner.

Fanboys unite!!!



No, this isn't a question directed towards that Candy girl who's been trying to chat it up with me on my tag board over there on the right (can't blame her though). It's just that the past few weeks have been blistering, scorching, searing, burning, sweat-forming-in-every-nook-and-cranny-of-your-body hot.

I unfortunately don't have the luxury of an air conditioner and all I have to soothe my heat-ravaged body is a dinky little stand fan that is fighting a losing battle. Someone pointed out to me that once it gets really hot, walls made from cement tend to absorb the heat during the day and release it at night. Sure enough, my room, with all of its walls made from concrete is the hottest one in the house and unfortunately, the one I have to suffer through a restless night's sleep in.

I have contemplated sleeping in the bare (gotcha - can't get the image out of your head now, huh?) but reconsidered since I don't want to explain the butt-shaped sweat stain that would imbed itself upon my sheets.

Welcome news is that a typhoon is on its way. Somehow, the property damage and potential loss of life seem to take a back seat to the thought of a reprieve from this heat.

Is it hot in here or is it just me?



I have two classmates from my high school days that have had two significant things happen to them this past week. I know one of them sometimes visits this blog and can be a tad bit sensitive (I am understating this and you will see why later) and has a penchant for speaking his mind (which I will do so later) so my friend (you know who you are), please take this with a grain of salt.

Last Sunday, as I woke up to the news of Macayan's death, I got a message after that my kumpare Jim had welcomed a new bundle of joy into the world, his daughter Tala. My original intent was to swing by the hospital before I went to the wake of Macayan with the rest of the boys. Unfortunately, we postponed the visit to the wake to this past Tuesday, and for austerity's sake (my wallet is thinning), I had to postpone my visit to Jim.

I then found out that visiting hours at this place (in order to view the baby) were from 6 to 7 in the evening. On Monday, I was heading home late from my second interview with that ad agency. It was about 9 pm and I hadn't had dinner yet and it had been a long day at the office. My phone comes to life and it was Jim on the other line. He sounded a little peeved (I've known him for more than 12 years now, so I can sense these things) and he was wondering when I was coming over.

"I've had a long day man. Haven't had dinner yet. Just came from an interview," said I, hoping for some understanding.

"Yeah, but we're only here till tomorrow!" he said curtly.

"Di ba, visiting hours are only till 7? How will I see the baby?"

"Well...come and keep US company!" he told me, referring to him and his wife.

I apologized and said that I'd try. If not the next day, then maybe the weekend. Of course, the next day, the rest of the boys organized a class visit to Macayan's wake. I also found out that Jigs was going to propose to his fiancee and he wanted us in on the surprise.

What's that? Yeah, I said it right. Jigs was going to propose to his fiancee. You see, he first askde her to marry him over Friendster, then a second time over text. Finally, with her back in town (she's stationed in Shanghai), he was going to do the entire get-on-one-knee-will-you-marry-me shtick right at the place where they first met (Seattle's Best Eastwood). We, of course, played our parts to the best of our abilities.

TC: "Saan tayo kakain?"

Me: "Eastwood?"

R-Jay: "Bakit doon?"

Me: "Ahh...ehhh...kasi...di pa tayo kumakain d'un e!"

Later in the car, I whopped R-Jay upside his head for putting me on the spot with his inane question. Surprisingly, Janice, Jigs' fiancee hadn't caught on at all, despite our lousy forced dialogue, and was happily surprised when Jigs did the ring thing. We all had dinner together (Janice's treat - she was really happy) and Jigs was utterly appreciative of our presence and effort at this glorious event.

Of course, Jim called me Wednesday evening and found out Tuesday's happenings. The peeved voice rang through my phone receiver again and I called him out on it. As I had suspected, he was upset that we had gone to a dead priest's wake and our classmate's betrothment instead of hanging out with him and his wife. My first impulse was to tell him off, that the world didn't revolve around him, that we didn't owe him anything, that we'd love to go and see the baby - we could hang out with you and your wife anytime - but with the visiting hours the way they were, it was an impossibility. Of course, I didn't and delved into the situation more. I then found out that he hadn't even held or seen his new child the whole two days they were there.

Of course, I will try and make the effort to see the couple and their newborn baby girl. I just wish that like Jigs, Jim would just lose himself in the joy of the moment rather than dwell on the negatives.

INXS: Birthday greetings to my bro Karl! He turns 23 this Sunday! Libre naman bro!



I mentioned in my last post that Fr. Prudencio Macayan passed away after a lingering illness. I was (un)lucky enough to have him for one class when he filled in for an absent Mr. Oracion in 3rd year Geometry and he scared the beejeezus out of me. The stories about him did reach everywhere, especially the one about him admonishing some students for walking on the grass, relating that the grass was also a living thing. Word has it that one day, someone saw Fr. Macayan hightailing it through a field muttering "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" over and over under his breath.

With Macayan's death, it seems that the Jesuits I knew in High school are almost all gone. Our afterburn-crazy Principal Fr. Cruz passed away years ago along with my two most favorite Irish Jesuits, Fr. Jim O'Brien and Bro. Jim Dunne.

Father OB was the founder of the TD program and we actually had him in fourth year. Incidentally, we were also his last lecture class ever, so that holds great significance to us. Two years after graduating high school, the lumbering giant with the safari hat got called back by the Big Guy.

Bro.Dunne was as sly as Fr. OB was simple. He always had a funny story to tell and a goofy expression on his face. He was suffering from sclerosis even before we set foot on the high school campus but no one ever heard him utter a word of complaint. The most common thing he'd talk about was his love for San Miguel Beer. He died last year after being bedridden for nine months.

I don't even know what happened to Fr.Perez, who would put-put around campus on his moped.

Now, the only remnant of the Jesuit presence from my high school days is Fr.Mac Reyes who always got close to the athletes in school (hmmmm...).

Very litle of the high school today resembles the institution back in my time. Maybe a big part of it was the Jesuit Factor. You'll never find another bunch of more interesting guys.



Big weekend.

Started with the usual 4J gimik at Grams. The usual cast of characters came and that wrapped up around midnight.

Attended Charo's wedding on Saturday. First wedding I've attended in a while where I was nothing more than a guest. Felt a little weird but I got to enjoy the company of my friends. Nines and Gen got plastered. I sang Copacobana to get the Magic Sing portion of the program off the ground. Was accosted for hogging the mic by a drunk carouser who had sang 4 straight songs before my one group song. He goes (slurred) : "Jay-jay! Sinosolo mo naman yung mic e! Betcha don't remember me..."

"Gerry Isaac?" I said faintly recognizing the face of my classmate in Grade 3.

"You're the maaaaaaaan!!!!" He said as he hugged me and spilled his drink on my sleeve.

What a night. Congrats again Charo and Jovan! Sex na yan!

I pretty much slept all Sunday after that. Was woken by the sound of three text messages. All from TC. The first told of the demise of Fr.Macaysn who was the moderator of the J class in third year. I think the boys want the satisfaction of burying him.

The second text message was a call to arms for the boys to gather at Macayan's wake. In true class spirit, and out of love for this teacher, we postponed it to Wednesday.

The third message was the announcement that Jim's wife had given birth to a baby girl. It would be ironic if Macayan was actually reincarnated as Jim's daughter.

Met up with Danny for some Chili fries at Tazza cafe in our neighborhood. Had a laugh recounting an exchange he was having with Bill over the email.

He was telling Ganns not to pay attention to the two sleazy "smucks" (apparently Bill and I).

Bill then "corrected" him by saying that we were two sleazy "Shmuck".

Ahhh...you gotta love my friends.



So it may seem. As if I hadn't enough things to do, balancing my workload with the numerous blogs I already write in, I'm adding to it.

Drum roll please...

Inspired by my last entry about advertising, I present ADlib! My new blog where I get to dissect the local ads that otherwise clutter up our regularly scheduled programming. I'll praise them or I'll raze them. I'll hail them or assail them.

Must be the sour grapes I've been eating...

Anyway, I invite you to check it out.



Last night, I had an interview with a small agency about the possibility of returning to advertising. It got me thinking as to what I had accomplished in the many years I spent in a career I seemed to have turned my back on in pursuit of a dream. When I left Lowe in 2003, I felt that I was at my lowest ebb. My grandmother had passed away a few months before, my parents had separated and the flow of creativity had seemed to have slowed to a halt. I left advertising and embarked on my radio career. Now, I feel it beckoning to me again.

I'm no hotshot creative, although Raul Castro always made me feel that I should have been. Whenever I had an unproductive session with him, he'd remind me of the successful name studies I submitted on my first day as a creative. He'd always look back on the great ad ideas I came up with for Vaseline in a single night with barely a briefing and time to ponder on the proposition. But at the end of the day, as my friend MD Dominguez would always say, I felt like I never measured up to expectations. The expectations that came when Raul plucked me out of Accounts, untested and unsure and offered me a postion as a copywriter.

I look back now and despite the lack of awards or distinctions, I did good. My claim to fame? I was good for business.

I was a part of successful pitches. In my time in Lowe (Lintas), a total of six pitches took place and I was involved in four of them and we won with each one. I'm not going to claim that I was the driving force but I was glad to have a prominent part in all of them. When we won the Skyflakes account, I was barely a few weeks into my transition and took a back seat and supported the wonderful creative mind of Ricky Aragon as we put together the "Hindi ka Magkakamali sa Skyflakes" idea. It was my first pitch and it was a great learning experience just to have been a part of it. None of my ideas figured prominently in the mix but I was still part of the success.

The second pitch I was privy to was the one for RFM Uni-President Noodles. I wasn't part of the creative team but Raul pulled all of us aside to come up with name studies and matching taglines for this new product. After consulting with my late grandmother, I came up with the name "Ho-Mi" and pronounced it "The Good Noodle". After a massive presentation involving just about all the creatives and the agency's big shots, it was unanimously selected and it became the springboard from which all ideas were to take off from. (When the Ho-Mi product was finally launched, I took several packs to my grandmother's grave and told her that this was our product.)

The third pitch I was involved in was the Alaska pitch. I was seriously involved in the creative process this time but the highlight was being asked to join the presentation team. As far as I knew, it was always just the most senior people who went on these things, but then there I was, dancing and acting and singing in front of Fred Uytengsu and capturing their imagination. He went up to me after and praised my performance but told me not to give up my day job.

The final pitch I was involved in was the one for Petron. This time, I developed a storyboard that became the cornerstone of the presentation. We presented a total of four boards and Raul kept mine as the big finish. What's more, I was asked to come along again to present it. I didn't sleep for three days for this pitch but I didn't mind. I presented my board and we won. Sweet.

Of course, I spent the rest of my creative career schmoozing with Clients and writing for Johnson's Pure Essentials. Not as exciting but just as rewarding. I had my low points as well but I'll only spill them if by chance any of you reading this are looking to hire and want to schedule an interview.

I'll be waiting.



I'm in the mood for change.

My longtime friends will most definitely be surprised by that statement. Given that I am a creature of habit and don't take too well to change, I am surprisingly in the mood for it.

I feel a sense of upheaval in many things.

There's an itch to find a job that is more creative and fulfilling. There's an itch to meet someone new and try something different. There especially is an itch to move.

I've thought about moving out on my own before. Each of those times, I was implored to stay on by one family member or another. This time, I have the blessing of my parents; and with the rising gas prices, it looks to be more practical.

So now, I'm in the process of looking for a place that could fit me and my dvds for under 9,000. I have a prospect in Alfaro St. in Salcedo Village but I'm still gonna keep looking. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. I'll spruce up the place myself, thanks in no small part to the many hours I've spent playing The Sims.

The Jay Bounce Love Hole (in the wall).