It was beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

We went to Eastwood first to meet up with my Dad's brothers and their families for a pre-Christmas dinner. While there, I did some last minute shopping for my ever-growing list of god-children. I bought several Spiderman figures and a Barbie doll. I come from the generation that used to get G.I.Joes for about 60 pesos each and Transformers for about 200-250. Imagine my look of disbelief when a single Barbie doll came to 700 bucks! It being Christmas eve and the Barbie being the last one in stock, I hurriedly paid for my purchases and had them wrapped (Giftwrapping was free, so for that I count my blessings).

Afterwards, we headed for Ateneo for what has become our yearly Yuletide tradiiton. One that was almost cut short due to petty jealousy. For the past two years, my family and I have been attending Misa de Gallo at the Church of the Gesu and it was disheartening when the guard at the gate told us that there was to be no mass there this year. He did tell us though that there was a mass at the High School Chapel, so off we went.

It was better than expected. Aside from the wave of nostalgia, the HS chapel gave off a cozy and comforting feeling. It wasn't as crowded as Gesu was the past few years and its smallness and simplicity really made Christmas hit home for me.

It was REALLY beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Side note, we found out that the reason there was no mass at Gesu was because someone was complaining over at Dela Strada that their attendance had dropped and they were blaming the Gesu masses. Pettiness at Christmas time? From priests no less!

Anyway, we went home, enjoyed Noche Buena (Peking duck baby!) and I even got a call from my best friend Bill, who's stuck in NY. We talked for a few minutes and then that's when it started.

I started sneezing. It wasn't one of those "Achoo! Excuse me" sneezes. It was more of a rapid-fire, staccato-ish, non-stop sneezefest. Then the stomachache began. Then the puking. Then the end of Christmas and the beginning of my three day bout with food poisoning.

Over the course of the next few days, I lay in bed and cursed my fate with every upchuck. My betrothed friends Meah and Orvin came by to return/borrow DVDs and dropped off some jelly for me to eat (The best gift ever, seeing that I couldn't eat much of anything else). My other best bud Dan came to reclaim some of the DVDs that my brother and his friends borrowed. In my weakened state, I was able to fight him off and drive him away from my collection (use your DVD writer to benefit from my hard work in gathering these films? I think not). Then my inaanak came. The one who asked for the Barbie.

When she opened her gift and I saw her eyes open wide as saucers, it made it all worth it. This was a girl that was usually so talkative and makulit that you had to pay her to shut up. Here you go dearie, I think this will cover for a year. After she left, it was back to bed for me.

And there I stayed for three whole days.

At least I actually lost weight during the Holidays!

Here's to a Happier New Year! I've had my fill of explosions. Now, I just wanna see fireworks.

Signing off.



I'll leave you with these cool quizzes from blogthings.com. Merry Christmas again everybody!

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Despite the fact that it feels more cold than Christmassy, let me take this opportunity to wish you all a HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Don't forget the reason for the season! here's to a good year for us all and I wish nothing but the best for all of you and your families!

Have a good one!



Little do I know, the DVDs that I purchase could actually be financing the operations of the Muslim insurgents down south. It's just a thought.

But that didn't stop me from purchasing a few as I dropped by Makati Square before heading home. I had to return two discs (Keeping the Faith - which wasn't a DVD copy and Cruel Intentions 2 - which kept hanging in the last chapter). I couldn't find good copies of either so I replaced them and bought a few as well.

My haul last night?
  • The Manchurian Candidate - I'm not big on action/suspense movies but my brother insisted that it was a good film.
  • Anchorman - Will Ferrel - it must be good for a few laughs
  • De-Lovely - A musical look at the life of Cole Porter. I love the music and it has Ashley Judd.
  • Garden State - I read some good reviews about this Natalie Portman film.
  • Chasing Amy - The piece de resistance! What a find! I love Kevin Smith movies and this was one of his best. I just need Clerks and Dogma and my collection is complete.
Pretty small haul but pretty good selection.



For the second time in barely a year, I had another near-death experience. No, nothing to do with my health. It was rather humorous in a way.

I had just come from a client meeting in Eastwood and I was going to head home before rush hour traffic set in. I stepped out onto E.Rod in Libis and was trying to wave down a cab (all the while rapping the chorus of "Tap the Bottle" (You know, "Tap the bottle and twist the cap...Tap the bottle and twist the cap...") and in all my rapping, I failed to notice the gaping pothole I was about to step in.

Needless to say, I did and fell forward. I landed on my right knee and stopped my fall with my hands. A split-second later, an orange 1980s corolla came within half an inch of my face.

Thankfully, I survived, dusted my self off, took a hit from my cigarette and limped away to the other side of the street to get away from the embarrasingly long stares people were giving me.

I cringe at the fact though, that had I died then and there, my last thought would have been "My pants! My pants!" and my last words were going to be "Oh crap."

INXS: Advanced birthday greetings to my dark lord TC Montano who is one of the first of us to turn 30. He threw a Spongebob-themed birthday shindig yesterday and I came home with a Patrick Star beanie. Life is good.


Somehow, I always knew it. Now it's confirmed.
You are Charlie Brown! smile.... the world isn't as
bad as you think it is.... not everyone is out
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what peanuts character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

It's game over for Da King and his cronies. FPJ, the icon of Philippine cinema and erstwhile politico suffered a stroke over the weekend and passed away this Tuesday. Some thoughts and images from the past few days sicken me. If I may:
  • Ed Angara announcing that he will make FPJ's widow, Susan Roces the new figurehead of the opposition. I mean, come on! Talk about opportunism. Cory Aquino she's not.
  • The opposition congressmen promulgating and proclaiming that in honor of FPJ's passing, we should all fly our flags at half mast. Some people phoned in their two cents on an AM radio show and said that it is fitting. They said that both Elvis and George Harrison were accorded that honor by their respective countries. I think that the King of Rock and Roll and a member of the greatest band ever deserve that more than someone who played the same type of role over and over in 300 Philippine movies.
  • The scene showing the FPJ-philes tearing apart and "beating up" the flowers that President GMA sent to pay her respects. You should have seen it. These people were tearing at the flowers and kicking and punching it with gnashed teeth and extreme ferocity. You'd think that it was GMA who killed FPJ. Excuse me, I think you should blame the opposition who forced FPJ from his quiet life and engulfed him in a sea of political fire and intrigue.
  • The FPJ fans themselves bawling and braying outside the church. They are lining the streets of Quezon Ave. and Biak na Bato with the lines going up to eight deep on the side of the road. Last night, things started getting violent as these people got frustrated with the long wait to see their idol. I hear they're putting up a movie screen so they can show FPJ movies all day to appease the crowd. Why don't they just go out and work? And they complain that they're poor? You spend the entire day waiting on the street just so you could see the corpse of this dead actor for what, 5 seconds? I'm thinking EDSA is a thing of the past. Welcome to QAVE one.
  • It's all well-and-good when these local TV networks corner an old FPJ extra or character actor and they scream praises to the high heavens about how FPJ was a champion for the likes of them, helping them with a dole out whenever they needed it. It's mildly humorous to see them muttering in the same breath that with FPJ gone, how will they survive now? First, he should have "taught them how to fish". All he did was ply them with a small wad of cash, a little food in the belly and a lot of drinks. That's probably why they pissed their life away...drinking with Poe. Dear God! Who's going to buy them drinks now? Tragic!
FPJ, rest in peace. Thanks for leaving us with the dregs of humanity. And I'm just talking about the opposition politicos.


I was one of the millions of Filipinos tuned in to the Pacquiao fight over the weekend. It was definitely a must-see as much as it was a must-win for the Pacman. He certainly didn't dissappoint, stopping his Thai foe with a crushing uppercut in the fourth round that literally knocked the poor guy off his feet.

Sad to say though, the coverage left much to be desired. I'm an armchair commentator myself but Chino Trinidad and Quinito Henson probably aren't the best broadcasters we have around. Watching them makes you long for the days of Joe Cantada. Now that man was a virtuoso when he was behind the mic. He had this booming baladeer voice and laced his commentary with off-the-cuff remarks that were the epitome of wit. Messrs. Trinidad and Henson were too biased and overly excited at times. But that wasn't the worst of it.

What ruined the night for me were the endless commercials that Solar Sports kept playing between rounds. I understand that they have rare opportunities to get ad revenue but when it comes to their special shows like big boxing matches, the Oscars and the like, they sell way too much air time. I wish that they did it like the Superbowl in the States where they just up their rates and limit the number of commercials. Sadly though, I guess they had to make money wherever they could. Even before they could show the combatants entering the ring, ANC was already broadcasting the results.

Great night for boxing. Bad night for broadcasting.

Signing off.



Almost two weeks into my new job and so far, so good. I'm getting praise from both my bosses and the clients so I must be doing something right. In fact, they're going to be changing my job description and making me part of the project management team. It's pretty similar to what I used to do as an AE when I was at Compedge and Lintas, but my only concern (which I have brought up) is that there could be a conflict between my two designations. I could do the manager job with my eyes closed. It'll be even simpler than what I did with Lintas. Just strategic thinking and overseeing projects No competitive analysis. No adboard cases. No FGDs and studies.

My problem lies in the fact that I am a Creative. Being a project manager would mean that I'd start reining in and second guessing myself. That way, there would be a lot of creative opportunities missed.

I'm not going to overblow my work. There's no way I'm gonna win any awards with what we put out. But at least there's a sense of creativity to it.

Anyway, despite this hang-up over this new development, I'm relly liking it here. They don't encourage O.T. and this year, I get to spend the holidays with my family. Last year, I spent both Christmas and New Year's eves by my solitary self in the booth at Magic. It was enjoyable in a way, being the one to ring in the holidays, but these family things are important to me. I like sitting together at Noche Buena and enjoying the juicy ham sandwich that my Grandpa prepares for me. I like sipping champagne and opening gifts with everyone. This year, I get to do it again.


I've been riding the MRT to work the past few weeks and until we find a driver, it looks like I'll be doing the same in the coming weeks. Riding the MRT now isn't like when the trains first started running. Nowadays, it's constantly packed. I get on at the North station so that guarantees me a strategic spot on the train. From my cozy spot, I get to notice some things:
- Once a train is full, riders from subsequent stations look like zombies from a cheezy horror flick, making/ambling their way slowly to the first opening they can pass through. By the time we get to the Aurora station, things by the door usually turn ugly and violent.
- Chivalry still lives. I make it a point not to sit down and any seat that opens up for me, I offer to a nearby lady. I usually give dagger looks to guys who rush to beat women to the chairs but once in a while, there are some gentlemen who give up their seats for the ladies.
- I hate it when people lean on you or use you as a buffer. I'm conscious about my size and try my best not to invade others' personal space. I just wish others would do the same. How would they feel if I took my 200+ pound body and rested it on them? Maybe I should...

INXS: Thanks to my contact Jumbo, I was able to get a copy of some films that I have been looking for since I started my DVD collection. I now have Dave, Groundhog Day, Before Sunrise and the Usual Suspects. For those DVD afficionados out there like me, you know how hard those are to find.
INXS2: I was able to find two gems on the way home from work last night. I dropped by Makati Square and found The Wedding Singer and The Fisher King. Life is good.
INXS3: Belated happy birthday to my buddy Danny. Every year, I kid him that I forget the actual date of his birthday. This year, it actually happened. He celebrated this past November 25th...or was it the 28th?

Signing off!


Somehow, I feel cheated. Despite the massive deaths and disasters typhoon Winnie caused us, I was let down by the latest storm to quite literally, blow by us. After everything that happened in the past weeks, we were really building for the big one. This much-vaunted super typhoon that was supposed to be even bigger than the Philippines.

I woke up this morning feeling like it was the end of another political campaign season. There was so much hype and promises of this and that. But in the end, all we got was just air. Mind you, it was pretty strong, but we've weathered worse. What's funny is that for once, the government was ready with precautions and contingency plans.

Of course, my heart and prayers go out to those that were actually hit by the brunt of the storm. I guess I should be thankful that it wasn't as strong as we thought.

My brother Karl started work today as an AE for Compedge...the same position and company I started out with six years ago. Karl, dude, have a blast!

Signing off.