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Little do I know, the DVDs that I purchase could actually be financing the operations of the Muslim insurgents down south. It's just a thought.

But that didn't stop me from purchasing a few as I dropped by Makati Square before heading home. I had to return two discs (Keeping the Faith - which wasn't a DVD copy and Cruel Intentions 2 - which kept hanging in the last chapter). I couldn't find good copies of either so I replaced them and bought a few as well.

My haul last night?
  • The Manchurian Candidate - I'm not big on action/suspense movies but my brother insisted that it was a good film.
  • Anchorman - Will Ferrel - it must be good for a few laughs
  • De-Lovely - A musical look at the life of Cole Porter. I love the music and it has Ashley Judd.
  • Garden State - I read some good reviews about this Natalie Portman film.
  • Chasing Amy - The piece de resistance! What a find! I love Kevin Smith movies and this was one of his best. I just need Clerks and Dogma and my collection is complete.
Pretty small haul but pretty good selection.