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It's game over for Da King and his cronies. FPJ, the icon of Philippine cinema and erstwhile politico suffered a stroke over the weekend and passed away this Tuesday. Some thoughts and images from the past few days sicken me. If I may:
  • Ed Angara announcing that he will make FPJ's widow, Susan Roces the new figurehead of the opposition. I mean, come on! Talk about opportunism. Cory Aquino she's not.
  • The opposition congressmen promulgating and proclaiming that in honor of FPJ's passing, we should all fly our flags at half mast. Some people phoned in their two cents on an AM radio show and said that it is fitting. They said that both Elvis and George Harrison were accorded that honor by their respective countries. I think that the King of Rock and Roll and a member of the greatest band ever deserve that more than someone who played the same type of role over and over in 300 Philippine movies.
  • The scene showing the FPJ-philes tearing apart and "beating up" the flowers that President GMA sent to pay her respects. You should have seen it. These people were tearing at the flowers and kicking and punching it with gnashed teeth and extreme ferocity. You'd think that it was GMA who killed FPJ. Excuse me, I think you should blame the opposition who forced FPJ from his quiet life and engulfed him in a sea of political fire and intrigue.
  • The FPJ fans themselves bawling and braying outside the church. They are lining the streets of Quezon Ave. and Biak na Bato with the lines going up to eight deep on the side of the road. Last night, things started getting violent as these people got frustrated with the long wait to see their idol. I hear they're putting up a movie screen so they can show FPJ movies all day to appease the crowd. Why don't they just go out and work? And they complain that they're poor? You spend the entire day waiting on the street just so you could see the corpse of this dead actor for what, 5 seconds? I'm thinking EDSA is a thing of the past. Welcome to QAVE one.
  • It's all well-and-good when these local TV networks corner an old FPJ extra or character actor and they scream praises to the high heavens about how FPJ was a champion for the likes of them, helping them with a dole out whenever they needed it. It's mildly humorous to see them muttering in the same breath that with FPJ gone, how will they survive now? First, he should have "taught them how to fish". All he did was ply them with a small wad of cash, a little food in the belly and a lot of drinks. That's probably why they pissed their life away...drinking with Poe. Dear God! Who's going to buy them drinks now? Tragic!
FPJ, rest in peace. Thanks for leaving us with the dregs of humanity. And I'm just talking about the opposition politicos.