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Hi. Sorry I haven't been posting. I've been surfing a lot lately on my new constant companion (this laptop) and somehow, it can't seem to access the formatting tools so I can't make the blog appear the way I want to and instead is in plain arial font. Oh well...what's been happening to me lately?
  • First and foremost, i have a new job!!!! I start on Tuesday (since I have a loose end to tie up in my freelance work) with a company called Zimplizity as a web writer...conceptualizing banner ads and writing web content. They were so happy with the stuff I did for them as a freelancer that they offered me a position.
  • I found some gems on DVD! Can any one else say they found "A River Runs Through It"? I did!!! I reco the following movies - Eurortip and Harold & Kumar go to White Castle. Damn funny shit!
  • Found a guy who has a lot of hard-to-find titles and he'll be making copies for me...(Usual Suapects baby!!!)
  • I hosted an event for Pathways at the WOW Clamshell...met great people and allowed me to spend some time with one of my favorite friends, Solvie.
  • Loving Survivor & Amazing Race! In AR, I tend to root for two types of teams - the one with the nice guy and the one with the cute girls. This time around, I am pulling for Kris/Jon and Lena/Kristy. Sa Survivor - hanep the last episode!!! Go Eliza! Did anyone else love the look on Ami's face when LeAnn got voted off? Priceless. BTW, did anyone else think Ami got hotter when they found out she was a lesbian?

That's that! Signing off!