Wow, two posts in one day. I must have a lot on my mind.

I finally got to go out with Bubbly last Friday. It seemed perfect...the traffic coperated with me and I got to her place right on time - although she wasn't ready and I had to wait an additional ten minutes. But when she came out...wow. Worth the wait.

We went to dinner at Paparazzi in Shangri-la Edsa Plaza. I always enjoyed eating there when I was younger and I thought she'd like it. And she did. She even said that the risotto was the best she ever had.

Afterwards, we went to Metrowalk to catch the Itchyworms play. After a good set, she got a text message from her best friend asking if they could meet up in Makati. She asks if I could make hatid and of course I obliged. I was kinda tired din at the time but she asked me if I wanted to hang with her first. So I did. Then, after an hour and a half, I yawned. She saw this and asked me if I wanted to go home. She told me that she would be okay and that I shouldn't worry about her. Of course, I didn't want to leave her alone in Makati at 2 in the morning so I volunteered to stay. She insisted and threatened that if I didn't go home, "Away tayo", in her own words.

I finished my cigarette, said my goodbyes then walked to the car as she went to the ATM. I told the driver to go ahead without me and went after Bubbly. Upon seeing me, she got irate. She stormed off in a huff and said something about being able to take care of herself.

I decided that it would be better for me to back off rather than argue my point so I made sure she was settled in at Starbucks and hailed a cab. As soon as I got home, I gave her a call. She answered coldly and I apologized. I asked her if she was still angry. Se said that "It will pass." And then said good night. I waited by my phone till 430 in the morning when she finally texted that she got home safe.

And that's the last I've hard from her since.

There's a reason I've been single all these years and this is it....

So why do I miss her so much? And why am I so affected that she's mad? And why is she so mad in the first place? We're just dating right? Right?

Argh. Women.


It's 1:37 AM as I write this entry...and oh, by the way, I'm at work. The only thing different about this OT is that I have some Bukas Palad, Hangad and Days with the Lord songs playing in the background. Obviously, I missed mass again. My dad has been the most vocal about my absence and although I don't show it, I'm equally as frustrated. I really need to find someone to go to mass at Gesu with. I know it may sound bad but a this point where my spiritual energies are at an ebb, I need the inspiration and presence of God in the place where I feel most connected to Him.

It's an altogether different spiritual experience to sit in the Gesu, amidst the green fields and trees, with familiar faces and wonderful Jesuit music serving as a perfect backdrop.

Oh well...back to the salt mines. Pray for my soul everybody.



Wow, I actually have time to blog.

And sleep.

And watch DVDs.

And have a massage.

We finally have a down period...there seems to be some major projects just waiting around the corner, but right now, at this moment, I can afford to take it a little easy.

In my industry, times like these come so few and far in between that you really have to appreciate them and make the most of it. I actually feel like writing about stuff other than work.

As I looked over the latest batch of DVDs I bought, my eyes were drawn to Adam Sandler's Click. Aside from the fact that it was a movie I saw with "Bubbly", I remember it for its one powerful scene. Although my friend and fellow blogger Jim will disagree, I really loved the "death" scene in the movie. It was so powerful and emotional that I actually cried the first time I saw it (of course, I only admitted crying when I saw Bubbly pull out some tissues to wipe the tears off her face). It also got me to think about other movies with similar powerful/memorable scenes. I bet you have your own list but allow me to indukge in my perosnal favorites.

The scene when the son takes over his father's story and carries him from the car to the river stands out in my memory. As thy make their way to the riverbank, the path is lined up with characters from different parts of the movie. It really captures a feeling of immense joy and catharsis which I really enjoyed.

Who can forget scrawny Ethan Hawke climbing on top of his desk and voicing his support for his teacher, Robin Williams, by shouting "Oh captain, my captain!"? I was in high school at the time and as an outsider in the honors class, it really struck a chord in me at that impressionable age.

Another movie that I could relate to my own experiences. I saw it when I just got back to Ateneo after spending a year in Angelicum and I couldn't hlp but see myself in Tim Robbins' character's story. I loved the scene where he crawled through the shit and emerged on the other side of the river. As he tore off his prison suit and embraced the rain as the camera craned away...wow.

The tango scene is my favorite part of the movie. It was graceful and the natural acting of Gabrielle Anwar was so charming. Besides, who doesn't love a tango?

I have a long list but these are the five scenes that really stood out for me. What's yours?



I got a call from my brother Ganns the other day. I picked it up and instead of his usual bubbly, high-spirits (was gonna say high-pitched but decided against it - haha!) greeting, I got a cry for help. He just started at Agatep and Associates, one of the oldest PR firms in the country. In the weeks before he started, he was optimistic and hopeful. He just landed his dream job and was thanking his Lord and Savior for the blessings.

What a difference a few weeks can make. It looks like he was swamped the moment he set foot in the office. I remarked in his blog that this field really isn't for everybody. He has a loving family to come home to and that he adores greatly. The late nights and high-pressure to deliver can break even the strongest spirit.

I'm not saying that I'm stronger than Ganns. No-sir-ree. I've just been in this line of work for far too long. You could say I grew used to it - that I do love it, the way a moth can't stay away from the flame. Besides, there's no greater fulfillment for me than to see an ad I came up with come to life on print, radio or tv. There's a certain pride in that.

In the end, Ganns will live a long and happy life with his great-grandchildren.

I'll be dead at 40 and rotting in hell for putting people in debt and giving them lung cancer.

But as I said, you gotta love it. It took me two years away from this field to realize that.



I know I've sworn off drinking, but a beer sounds pretty good right about now. Actually, any kind of alcoholic succor would suffice. Saw my high school friends last Saturday and one of them wondered why I haven't updated my blog.

I wish I could still say that it's because I've been out with Bubbly a lot but that isn't true either. It's been nothing but work, work, work and more work since September. We won three new accounts and all of them are active. Not to mention the two accounts I'm already handling. And to top it all off, the only manpower we added was a freelancer from Indonesia who claims to have been a CD there but throws ideas that a grade schooler could think of. With the money he's being paid, we could actually hire two-three junior creatives who could be worlds better.

Sour graping. Sorry.