What's a guy to do with so much free time on his hands?
1. Gorge on Yellow Cab
2. Watch Blind Date, 5th Wheel and Meet my Folks on ETC
3. Surf for porn
4. Read my cousin's comics
5. Pray for a job



Sorry I've been away for a while. Our phone line here in the house had some problems with a ground and I wasn't able to connect for so long. Now I'm back and ready to blog again. A few updates:
1. In the two weeks prior to this one, I spent every night at a wake. My grandaunt and the dad of a dear friend both passed away and I was at a funeral home every night.
2. My plans for a business are on hold for a while pending a)word from this ad agency that is planning to hire me (it's down to me and a girl) and b) someone who could help me get my bearing regarding putting up a business. Anyone care to help?
3. Got season 9 and part of season 10 of FRIENDS on DVD. I even got a copy of the final episode.

That's been my )un)interesting life right now. Hope you're all doing okay.