Thanks to an earthquake in Taiwan, internet connections around Asia have slowed to a virtual crawl. In the Philippines, full internet capability in our office network has only recovered by 21%. Now, it takes so much longer just to open websites and check your Yahoo Mail - much more for us to open photo sites like Corbis or Getty Images so we can make our ads.

I've found myself also having a rough go at shaking off the holiday rust. I feel so lethargic and slow that the work seems to be impossible to finish. Must...for...coherent...thoughts...

Bought a new phone though. After much ribbing from my friends and officemates, I retired my 6170 and bought myself a Nokia N70. It has all the standard features one would expect, and for P16,000 I wouldn't expect any less.

Oh, and I talked to Bubbly last night. She said the strangest thing. She was tuned into CJ the Dj's show on Magic 89.9 last night and CJ announced that he was officially welcoming back Jay Bounce into the fold. Hmmm...Max hasn't told me anything yet...

Anyway, hope you guys can catch our new show. It's called Saturday Slam - the Nicest of the Nineties - every Saturday night from 6-9, replacing Nitelive. That's 3 hours of everything from Grunge to Boy Bands so I hope you children of the 90s do tune in and join us on our stroll down memory lane.



Let's start the year off right with a new entry.

Actually, I didn't start the new year right. My curiosity was piqued by the news that there was a cellphone video of the Saddam execution circling the internet. First thing I did when I got to the office was go to youtube.com and search for it. It was pretty much the same as the one they showed on CNN, but of course, they showed the part where he was dropped through the trap door. The shot wasn;t spectacular if you ask me - he just dropped out of frame as the camera was jostled around and there was kind of a commotion. Then suddenly, out of the darkness, there he was, his neck tilted to the side, mouth slightly agape, eyes slightly open upward...dead from a broken neck. I watched it with morbid fascination for a few seconds then realized I just saw a man die. Not a good man, yes - but a man nonetheless.

But anyway, I did enjoy ringing in the new year. As is our family tradition of late, we headed to Eastwood to watch the fireworks show. Turns out, Magic 89.9 was hosting the street party so I headed down to the Centre Plaza and joined James Bang and Mighty Mike for the festivities. I got to go on the mic and do my thing with the audience, but the biggest thrill was standing at the top of the stage, with dancing girls all around and helping lead the countdown to 2007. Can't wait for 2008.

Anyway, here's to a great year ahead for all of us. Happy New Year everyone!