Wrong La Salle Scandal. I'm not talking about the one being peddled as a VCD or DVD (Although, I would like a new copy. My brother lost mine). I'm speaking of the story that has been hogging the headlines of the different sports sections of the daily newspapers.

For those of you who aren't in the know, this La Salle scandal involves two of their players who were found to have faked their high school certification tests. Meaning, they weren't able to graduate high school from any insitution and had to take an eligibility exam instead so that they could enroll in college.

A few weeks ago, after FEU took home the UAAP basketball crown, La Salle issued a statement that they had uncovered that one of their players had submitted spurious documents upon entry. What followed were announcements of an internal probe as well as a whole slew of whitewash press releases - notably from prominent "journalist" and La Salle alum Quinito Henson.

If you ever read Mr. Henson's diatribes in the Philippine Star, they were merely echoes of what La Salle spokespeople were mouthing off to the press. What's more, they were mostly one-sided, not really delving into the issue and constantly trumpeting praise for La Salle's search for truth all the while distancing the school from any involvement in the scandal. Mr.Henson conveniently failed to mention that La Salle got word of the false papers as early as September and only started to give it attention when the UAAP season was over. He sang daily praises for la Salle offering to forfeit their games and return their 2004 championship, and wouldn't talk about repercussions like a possible one-year ban imposed on La Salle, similar to what was handed down to Adamson in the 90s.

The STAR's editors must have caught on and the La Salle-centric stories were being handled instead by other writers like Abac Cordero, who presented both sides and weren't afraid to include insinuations of the University's involvement. Now, La Salle has concluded their investigation and concluded that two players indeed cheated (Mark Benitez and Tim Gatchalian) and two officials had a hand in the matter.

I'd applaud La Salle, if only the officials involved weren't "expendable" ones. Found guilty were Manny Salgado, who was recently banned from the UAAP and another person who served as the team's scorer - who by the way, was a contractual worker. No one in La Salle's higher-ups was supposedly involved. No one else in the alumni. No one on the coaching staff. Their scapegoats were two officials you couldn't really care less about - or would really have the power to do what they did.

In hindsight, I was wondering when the whistle was gonna be blown on La Salle. I mean, the school is well known for its breed of students and here was a basketball team where the players either looked like they were part of F4, a street gang in the U.S. or mga kargador sa pier. Something smelled fishy and it wasn't Carlo Sharma's underarm.

Now, the UAAP is going to do their own probe. Not just on La Salle but on all member schools. Supposedly, other schools with players with fake documents are UE and Adamson. I know that many alumni feel that they should win at all costs.

What cost victory indeed?



Last Saturday marked the second annual 4J Halloween celebration. Dating all the way back to last year, it gives an excuse to run around like idiots in costumes at least once a year (or in the case of our classmate R-Jay, an excuse to prance around in a skin-tight outfit). I guess the real charm is that it's something we all enjoy doing now, and something our kids can join in when they're older.

Makes me realize how special this bunch of weirdos really is. Last Saturday made me realize I will grow old with this eclectic cast of characters, without necessarily having to grow up. I can be both 30 and 13, talking like adults or pre-pubescent teens over a cold bottle of Cerveza Negra or a glass of red wine.

I'm sharing a picture of us all together giving the Justice League a run for its money. For other pics, you may check out the 4J blogsite at http://4j93.blogspot.com.



I have the sniffles again. Could be a cold but it could also be an allergy. I'm also feeling a little itchy - and others in my family are sharing the same symptoms. Whatever it is, I'm back to doping up on Decolgen. Took one last night and I was out like a light by 9:30.



Not much to write about. Just wanted to share this tidbit of what happened last weekend at Tazza when I met up with Ganns, Danny and Michelle.

(while ordering)
GANNS: Ah! Miss, may Virgin pala kayo!
WAITRESS: Opo, may Virgin po kami.
ME: (to the waitress) You dirty, dirty girl!
WAITRESS: Ay, di po! Virgin pa rin ako.

For want of a cola...



Flashback to 2001. Was having merienda with my former boss Adele Estrada at LKG tower. We chanced upon a booth selling pirated DVDs. Adele tells me how great they are so I actually force myself to buy 2 discs: "My Best Friend's Wedding" and "You've Got Mail".

Little was I to know that that was to be the start of an obsession to collect DVD copies of movies that I've enjoyed over the years. I started with a list of about 250 films and set about collecting them along with whatever new films came out in the market.

Fast forward to today. Almost 800 movies later, my quest is almost over. I'll still be going after all the new releases but the list I started with in 2001 has been whittled down to this:
1. Waiting for Guffman ( Christopher Guest)
2. Indian Summer (Elizabeth Perkins, Bill Paxton)
3. He Said, She Said ( Kevin bacon, Elizabeth Perkins)
4. Bye Bye Love ( Paul Reiner, Matthew Modine)
5. Noises Off ( Michael Caine, Christopher Reeve)
6. Barefoot in the Park (Robert Redford, Jane Fonda)
7. Soap Dish (Kevin Kline, Whoopi Goldberg)
8. New Best Friend ( Mia Kirshner, Dominique Swain)
9. Wayne’s World
10. Clerks

My contact is lining up Clerks and Wayne's World for me and that would leave me with eight more films until I can say that my collection is complete. Wow.

I could have made a downpayment on a car with all the money I spent on DVDs over the years...



We have a weird salary scheme here at 141 Worldwide. Our salary comes in on the 10th and 20th of each month - or so I thought. Getting the money on the 10th is great...you feel like you have so much money to burn. You only start feeling the pinch after the 20th because you have to stretch your sweldo for almost 20 days.

And boy I really felt the pinch today. Moreso than any other day. I started with about 100+ in my pocket and I hopped in a cab with the intent of passing by an ATM and making a quick withdrawal from the salary which I expected to be there...seeing that it was supposed to be payday. Much to my dismay/chagrin/surprise/displeasure/horror, lo and behold, there was nothing in my account...well nothing withdrawable.

I hurriedly scrambled to the cab and directed it to the place where I kinda thought there was an FX terminal. Cab ride cost me P55 and a pack of yosi set me back another P26.50. When I found the terminal, I was down to P36 and the fare would cost me P35!

Thankfully, the kindess of one of my officemates (thanks Duday!) ensured that I wouldn't have just corn flakes for lunch. She lent me P70 and I ended up spending P38 for my meal. So now, I am facing the spectre of commuting home with only P33 in my pocket. This leads me to all kinds of Amazing Race-esque scenarios. If I took the MRT, it would cost me about P10 for the bus ride to the station, P17 for the train ride, P5 for a jeepney and P4 for the tricycle. Over budget,

An FX ride home would wipe me out completely and I would only get to Espana. There's the PVP bus which only costs P20 with the rest going to jeepney and tricycle fare.

Or I could wait till midnight for my salary to kick in...


Speaking of being hard-up, the dad of the former love of my life came-a-calling today. He called me up just as I was heading to a presentation so we hurriedly agreed to meet at my office at 4. He got there at 4 on the dot and he was trying to sell me his prized collection of comics for about a hundred bucks a pop. Mind you, these are titles from the 80s like Batman and Teen Titans which would still fetch a handsome amount if they were being sold in the States. Unfortunately, here in the Philippines, wise buyers are offering to purchase every comic in his collection at a measly P15 per piece.

I, unfortunately gave up on comics years ago but wouldn't mind getting my hands on titles like Batman Year One or A Death in the Family. If anyone (calling Ryan Watkins!) is interested in buying the guy's stuff, you could email me privately.



My thoughts take me to three years ago. I was still with Harrison Communications and I was heading home after a grueling brainstorming session for Globe. It was near midnight and my Mom's birthday was minutes away. With my schedule, I never really get time to do any shopping so you can imagine my gratefulness that Dangwa is on the way home from Makati. I got her a fabulous bouquet of flowers then got home past midnight. When I peeked into my parents' room, they were both soundly asleep but they don't mind waking up for me to tell them that I was home. As I kissed my Mom hello, I also whispered "Happy birthday!" and handed her the flowers. She sleepily thanked me for my thoughtfulness and I laid the flowers on a nearby desktop.

Fast forward to last Monday. Exact same story. OT, flowers, kiss hello, give bouquet. This time around though, I didn't get to go home last night to celebrate with her and the family. In fact, as I'm writing this, I haven't been home since 8:15 a.m. yesterday.

For what it's worth, Happy Birthday again Mom!!!



Last Saturday, I attended the baptism of the daughter of one of my 4J friends. After the ceremony and a little salu-salo, we headed for nearby Pearl drive for a few drinks. During the course of the evening, I suggested to Tini that since we were in the neighborhood, we should swing by Magic 89.9 to say hi to our buddy Max Speed.

Max was the one who took me under his wing when I went on my quest to enter the world of radio. He gave me my big break and everything that I became as a DJ, I owe it to/blame it on him.

We dropped by the station and caught him just as his weekly show was ending. We wne out for drinks and it was then that I broached the idea of doing a weekend show for Magic. He then invited me to join him for his Nightlive show, which airs every Saturday from 6-8 in the evening.

I won't get paid but it gives me a chance to do what I love for fun. I just wonder if I've still got it. I woudn't want to let my former groupies down. Not to mention my future groupies!