I apologize for my conspicuous lack of posts. It just seems that nothing really out of the ordinary has been happening. There's work - and I didn't feel like writing about my new boss - especially after considering she left us after just 4 days. Still playing poker on weekends. Still collecting DVDs. Still spending hours in front of the PS2. Still watch Amazing Race and American Idol. Still working late.

Not to worry though. I'm perfectly happy.

I even turned down an interview with FCB. They came a calling, but I respectfully declined. Pretty happy with the way my career is going here - despite all the hassles of my client. I figured, it's the sme anywhere anyway. Show me an agency that has perfect clients and no overtime, and I'll be out of here in a flash. Till then, I'm settling down here in my foxhole in 141.



Sorry. This entry has nothing to do with the US NCAA Men's Basketball tournament. Just that the past few weeks have been crazy! CRAZY! It didn't help that my boss was out with fever the past two days and all our projects started to run. A quick look at my timesheets will show that I worked on 7 projects just yesterday.

It all paid off in the end. I came off smelling like a rose, taking the slack (and the lead) for a lot of them. Got all of the stuff approved. And managed to squeeze in a credentials presentation for a possible client for our office - which could be very lucrative for me if we do end up getting the account.

All that and having Kevin Covais still in American Idol have made for an interesting March.



My driver was absent today so I had to grab a cab to get to work. Unfortunately, he was tuned into the morning program of Korina Sanchez and Ted Failon. Over the past few years, mt take on the show is that it's a two-hour long "okray" session. Not once have I heard a shred of positive news from these two. It's always been "What went wrong" and "Who's to blame".

I was interested in their take on the ULTRA stampede and their basic message was that ABS-CBN feels for the victims - and that if there was any finger pointing to be done, they were glad to do it. As far as these two were concerned, the blame should really go to the local officials and police. Bullshit.

Of course, their favorite topic has always been GMA (no, not the rival station, but of course, the President of our country). If you choose to believe Ted and Korina, Gloria can't seem to do anything right. Forget that the peso went up despite all the rallies and unrest. GMA is bad because she's putting the heat on their station by readying charges of negligence against 20 of their people. Gee, I'm sure that the 70+ dead and their families are so mad at Gloria for wanting some retribution done.

This morning was nothing different. Rant here. Rave there. I swear I could hear them frothing at the mouth. They were interviewing a police general about a spate of arrests yesterday of several high-profile militants (including the congresswoman-sister of one of their own newsteam). Ted cited that yesterday was a celebration of women's day and that rallies were being held all over the world. He questioned why we were stopping rallies here in our neck of the woods.

I would have answered with a question: "What were they fighting for?"

Was it equality for women? Were they fighting for feminine rights? From my window here in Ayala, the flags and banners were as clear as day: Oust Gloria!


The shame of using Women's day to push your political agendas. Shame on you militant groups. Other countries were bemoaning the plight of women and here you were trying to bring down a female president. Oh, the irony.

Oh, and when one listener texted in asking Ted to stop being "Viased", Ted's logical and intelligent reply was to correct the guy's spelling.



I'm not a holy man. Not in the least.

What I am today is really a far cry from my younger self.

I actually considered priesthood. I was a DWTL rector. I memorized all the lines the priest says during mass.

Since then, the closest I've ever come is giving the homily during my parents' 25th anniversary.

I write this, fresh from another weekend where I missed mass. It's been so long since I've gone, I can't remember when I started skipping on it. I could of course, look back on my time sheets and pinpoint when things just started getting so busy at work, that I'd rather just sleep in on weekends. But that shouldn't be an excuse.

I'm at a spiritual ebb. It doesn't help that we stopped going to mass at the Church of the Gesu in Ateneo. My family's football school schedule puts going to mass there out of question. So, our family settles for mass in San Beda. Well and good for my dad and my brother - since they graduated from there.

But as for me, I want to go to the Ateneo mass. I NEED to go to the Ateneo mass. Is it wrong for me to want that? It's where I feel closest to God. Where I feel like my spirituality is at a peak - figuratively and literally.

I need some time to reconnect to God.

I know just where to do it.

Forgive the ramblings of a man set adrift.



I've been working 10 straight days.

And I'm not counting the overnight session we had from Sunday to Monday. Nor the one we are about to have tonight.

Just needed a break from all the thinking. One can only squeeze their brain so much.

As far as I know, in the outside world, the GMA government continues to stand. Despite some arrests, the people still enjoy their liberties. The press continues to sensationalize everything. The opposition still have their ten-second soundbyte.

I was most jolted by the Time Magazine account of what went down in peping Cojuangco's house involving Boy Saycon and Cory.

Well, if you can't trust Time Magazine...

Oh and an earthquake happened. 7 on the Richter scale at the epicenter.

Stupid quake ruined by nap.