I'm a Red Sox fan. I've always been a Red Sox fan and like many other members of the Red Sox Nation around the world, I look back fondly on the winter of 2004 when the "idiots" that formed the BoSox lineup of that year brought down the mighty Yankees and brought the world championship to Boston after 85 years.

Now, I am saddened by the departure of one of the cornerstones of that '04 squad. I'm even more distraught by the news that he's moving to the Yankees.

Johnny Damon is trading in his red socks for pinstripes. The latest addition to (supposedly) the best team money can buy.

I'm sure Boston fans will be asking "Why Johnny? Why?"

Money talks, that's for sure.

Grumble, grumble. Whine.



Got this from bloghopping. Wanted to give it a try:

Take the first sentence (or two) from the first post of each month of 2005. That's your year in review.

My mom has had our school for the past twenty two years now. At the start of this schoolyear, it faced one of its biggest crises when several parents left and put up their own school.

While riding to work with my brother and a jeepney decides to stop in the middle of the street to pick up a solitary passenger.

My brother: "Mga Pinoy talaga! La na yatang pag-asa!"

I originally planned for this to be my Valentine's day blog entry, but the mood to write it didn't hit me then. Of course, I didn't know then what I know now.

I woke up late today.

As in major late. As in I couldn't pull myself out of bed or even open my eyes.

I'm in the mood for change.

My longtime friends will most definitely be surprised by that statement.

Had an eventful weekend. Started well by watching Sin City with the J-Boys at Greenbelt 3 last Friday. Topped off the night with good conversation and a delicious helping of Chicken Nibblers at Max Brenner's.

It's 9:47 on this Monday morning, and I'm feeling all the effects of my whirlwind trip to Iloilo this past weekend. A little sleepy, a little sluggish and a whole lot of feeling bloated.

Settling in.

I'm typing this from my new friend, the iMac G4. Kinda different from what I'm used to, but nothing I can't handle.

About two weeks ago, I was having the toughest time since I made my return to the world of advertising. We were working on an ad (technically, I was the only one doing it) where the placement held a lot of creative opportunities but the message I was supposed to incorporate in it had greatly overworn its welcome.

Last Saturday, I attended the baptism of the daughter of one of my 4J friends. After the ceremony and a little salu-salo, we headed for nearby Pearl drive for a few drinks.

Back. Fresh from a four-day jaunt up north in Baguio. Didn't see much of Baguio except from the window of an SUV. Saw a lot of bathroom interiors though.

Last night, I went home at around 1130 pm from a long day of brainstorming (yes, I went to work on a Sunday). After two days of intense hammering and hewing, we were able to narrow down our concepts to three winners (supposedly).



I woke up Tuesday morning at 8:00 AM (give or take a few minutes). I finally got to sleep at 1:00 PM yesterday. Woke up at 10 last night then slept again at 2 AM. Finally woke up at 11 this morning then headed out to work. After the last few long days at work, I wanted to focus on more pleasant things, like:

The Linzes won the Amazing Race! The siblings from Ohio ran a great race and beat out the Bransens (cutees) and the Weavers (A team that constantly proclaimed their goodness and Christianity while their behavior and obnoxious comments spoke otherwise). Congratulations to a deserving team.

The Late Show with David Letterman is coming back to Philippine television! Starting December 26, JackTV will be airing this show opposite Jay Leno's Tonight Show. I for one am glad I don't have to watch Jay's big-chinned mug,

WWE will be returning to our shores in February. I read on the jimmyvan.com website that the RAW brand will be holding shows in the Philippines on the 24th and 25th! I gotta get tickets to this one.



This is my umpteenth time to try and update my blog in the past two weeks. Kinda reminds me of my MENTAL BLOGS entry a few months back. There's so much happening but somehow, it doesn;t seem interesting enough to merit a whole entry about. Not even a mention.

Been kinda busy at work. We're trying to lay the groundwork for a 2006 major campaign for the Client and the operative word there is "trying". We've been wracking our brains since two Fridays ago and the process continues as of this writing. The problem being is that there's nothing compelling to wrap a story around. Maybe it's because all my creative juices for this project were all squeezed out since early last week.


Anyway, just some quick shout-outs.

- to Sonny Pasimio: congratulations on your wedding man! Sorry I couldn't get off work to attend.
- to Jim Arroyo: congrats din on the baptism of your second child. Sarap ng pagkain sa reception! I will return to Savarin soon.
- to Vanessa Barrameda: congrats on your wedding din! Words can;t express the joy all of us felt when we saw you and James together.
- to Philip Pichay and Roald Yap: your nuptials are coming up. You still have time to change your minds. For the sake of your betrothed ones.



Last night, I went home at around 1130 pm from a long day of brainstorming (yes, I went to work on a Sunday). After two days of intense hammering and hewing, we were able to narrow down our concepts to three winners (supposedly). I went home, hopeful and positive that by today, we'd have everything done with time to spare.

The signs seemed to point towards it. The stop signs that is. After taking my shortcut and coming out near the Nagtahan flyover, it became a non-stop trip home. Every stoplight from Nagtahan to Banawe kept flashing green and we never came to a full stop until I had reached the gate of my house.

I foresaw that today would have been like last night. Go, go, go all the way. We left the office to execute our storyboards and came back with confidence brimming. We were literally chewing at the bit before internals.

Unfortunately, we hit a brick wall in the form of our ECD. And at the speed we were going, it sent us into a total crash. My teammates and I lost the air in our tires. The wind in our sails. And we were left to pick through the wreckage to see what we could salvage. The worst part was that we had burnt out all our resources during the first ride.

Oh my God, I'm doing a metaphor overload. I need to move to the slow lane.

But a deadline is catching up...