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I take it all back. Forget everything I said about feeling old. Last Saturday, I met up with my friends for that mass I told you all about. What I thought would be a solemn and serious gathering quickly became a time warp back to 1993.

I was tasked to lead the singing during the mass and my friend Sonny told me to choose songs na alam ng lahat para lahat kumanta.

Big mistake.

It would usually start out okay then everyone would join in then things would go awry. I don't think we were able to finish a song due to laughter.

This was followed by a "game" of basketball which ended up with Ateneo Coach Sandy A. rolling on the floor laughing his guts out.

This was followed by garlic and cheese thin crusts at Shakey's.

I find it hard to believe that it took a day of hanging out with my oldest (I mean this in every sense of the word) friends to recharge and revitalize the ebbing flames of my youth.