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I've been riding the MRT to work the past few weeks and until we find a driver, it looks like I'll be doing the same in the coming weeks. Riding the MRT now isn't like when the trains first started running. Nowadays, it's constantly packed. I get on at the North station so that guarantees me a strategic spot on the train. From my cozy spot, I get to notice some things:
- Once a train is full, riders from subsequent stations look like zombies from a cheezy horror flick, making/ambling their way slowly to the first opening they can pass through. By the time we get to the Aurora station, things by the door usually turn ugly and violent.
- Chivalry still lives. I make it a point not to sit down and any seat that opens up for me, I offer to a nearby lady. I usually give dagger looks to guys who rush to beat women to the chairs but once in a while, there are some gentlemen who give up their seats for the ladies.
- I hate it when people lean on you or use you as a buffer. I'm conscious about my size and try my best not to invade others' personal space. I just wish others would do the same. How would they feel if I took my 200+ pound body and rested it on them? Maybe I should...

INXS: Thanks to my contact Jumbo, I was able to get a copy of some films that I have been looking for since I started my DVD collection. I now have Dave, Groundhog Day, Before Sunrise and the Usual Suspects. For those DVD afficionados out there like me, you know how hard those are to find.
INXS2: I was able to find two gems on the way home from work last night. I dropped by Makati Square and found The Wedding Singer and The Fisher King. Life is good.
INXS3: Belated happy birthday to my buddy Danny. Every year, I kid him that I forget the actual date of his birthday. This year, it actually happened. He celebrated this past November 25th...or was it the 28th?

Signing off!