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Somehow, I feel cheated. Despite the massive deaths and disasters typhoon Winnie caused us, I was let down by the latest storm to quite literally, blow by us. After everything that happened in the past weeks, we were really building for the big one. This much-vaunted super typhoon that was supposed to be even bigger than the Philippines.

I woke up this morning feeling like it was the end of another political campaign season. There was so much hype and promises of this and that. But in the end, all we got was just air. Mind you, it was pretty strong, but we've weathered worse. What's funny is that for once, the government was ready with precautions and contingency plans.

Of course, my heart and prayers go out to those that were actually hit by the brunt of the storm. I guess I should be thankful that it wasn't as strong as we thought.

My brother Karl started work today as an AE for Compedge...the same position and company I started out with six years ago. Karl, dude, have a blast!

Signing off.