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I was one of the millions of Filipinos tuned in to the Pacquiao fight over the weekend. It was definitely a must-see as much as it was a must-win for the Pacman. He certainly didn't dissappoint, stopping his Thai foe with a crushing uppercut in the fourth round that literally knocked the poor guy off his feet.

Sad to say though, the coverage left much to be desired. I'm an armchair commentator myself but Chino Trinidad and Quinito Henson probably aren't the best broadcasters we have around. Watching them makes you long for the days of Joe Cantada. Now that man was a virtuoso when he was behind the mic. He had this booming baladeer voice and laced his commentary with off-the-cuff remarks that were the epitome of wit. Messrs. Trinidad and Henson were too biased and overly excited at times. But that wasn't the worst of it.

What ruined the night for me were the endless commercials that Solar Sports kept playing between rounds. I understand that they have rare opportunities to get ad revenue but when it comes to their special shows like big boxing matches, the Oscars and the like, they sell way too much air time. I wish that they did it like the Superbowl in the States where they just up their rates and limit the number of commercials. Sadly though, I guess they had to make money wherever they could. Even before they could show the combatants entering the ring, ANC was already broadcasting the results.

Great night for boxing. Bad night for broadcasting.

Signing off.