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Almost two weeks into my new job and so far, so good. I'm getting praise from both my bosses and the clients so I must be doing something right. In fact, they're going to be changing my job description and making me part of the project management team. It's pretty similar to what I used to do as an AE when I was at Compedge and Lintas, but my only concern (which I have brought up) is that there could be a conflict between my two designations. I could do the manager job with my eyes closed. It'll be even simpler than what I did with Lintas. Just strategic thinking and overseeing projects No competitive analysis. No adboard cases. No FGDs and studies.

My problem lies in the fact that I am a Creative. Being a project manager would mean that I'd start reining in and second guessing myself. That way, there would be a lot of creative opportunities missed.

I'm not going to overblow my work. There's no way I'm gonna win any awards with what we put out. But at least there's a sense of creativity to it.

Anyway, despite this hang-up over this new development, I'm relly liking it here. They don't encourage O.T. and this year, I get to spend the holidays with my family. Last year, I spent both Christmas and New Year's eves by my solitary self in the booth at Magic. It was enjoyable in a way, being the one to ring in the holidays, but these family things are important to me. I like sitting together at Noche Buena and enjoying the juicy ham sandwich that my Grandpa prepares for me. I like sipping champagne and opening gifts with everyone. This year, I get to do it again.