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For the second time in barely a year, I had another near-death experience. No, nothing to do with my health. It was rather humorous in a way.

I had just come from a client meeting in Eastwood and I was going to head home before rush hour traffic set in. I stepped out onto E.Rod in Libis and was trying to wave down a cab (all the while rapping the chorus of "Tap the Bottle" (You know, "Tap the bottle and twist the cap...Tap the bottle and twist the cap...") and in all my rapping, I failed to notice the gaping pothole I was about to step in.

Needless to say, I did and fell forward. I landed on my right knee and stopped my fall with my hands. A split-second later, an orange 1980s corolla came within half an inch of my face.

Thankfully, I survived, dusted my self off, took a hit from my cigarette and limped away to the other side of the street to get away from the embarrasingly long stares people were giving me.

I cringe at the fact though, that had I died then and there, my last thought would have been "My pants! My pants!" and my last words were going to be "Oh crap."

INXS: Advanced birthday greetings to my dark lord TC Montano who is one of the first of us to turn 30. He threw a Spongebob-themed birthday shindig yesterday and I came home with a Patrick Star beanie. Life is good.