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Finally after 86 years (that's about 3 generations), the Boston Red Sox won a World Series...via a sweep of the team with the best record in the Majors! I'm a confessed Red Sox fan and after years of seeing them lose to the Yankees every September, it was sweet. This was a team that was down 3-0 again this year in the ALCS and was always an out away from elimination, but they managed to claw back and win via superb pitching and hitting. The pitchers really spelled the difference in the World Series as it showcased the two best offensive teams in the Majors. It was Boston's starters Martinez, Schilling and Lowe along with their able backups in the bullpen who shut down the St.Louis offense while the Boston "Idiots'" bats were connecting. I could go on in detail but I think I'm the only baseball fan in the country.

Oh, and I got back my pictures from Palawan. The Vietnamese girl sent them at a whopping size of 1MB each. With my slow dial-up, it took forever to download. Thought I'd share these pictures here: