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So much for my promising new, high-paying job at Copylandia. They were too afraid of my blood pressure so they reneged on the deal. The one thing that pisses me off about it is that I was up front with them about it sa interview and they were OK with it. They should have just told me then and there about their concern so that I wouldn't have had to run all over Manila, Makati and Quezon City collecting all their pre-employment requirements.

So, for one day, i was Jay Tan. Assistant to the President for Corporate Communications for Copylandia.

Today, I am Jay Tan...thoroughly pissed off about the entire situation.

Lemme tell you though, COPYLANDIA is the absolute worst office it has been my displeasure to have ever been a part of. They even devoted half their employee handbook to a table of offenses and penalties...from getting personal phone calls to loitering. I'm not sad that I'm not there...just pissed that they were so fickle...fickle enough to hire me then reconsider and let me go.

Mr.Juarez...I wish that you read this. You are not a gentleman. I wish you and your business a lot of ill will and misfortune.

Signing back on

Hola Jay,
Please do not say ill of Mr. Juarez. He is i tell you a very good man. Whatever it is you have experienced in ur job application makes me sorry too. But please do not include personal tirades of the man who has helped so many and does not brag about it. I know you have personally met him....
I pray to God that whatever hurt you have in ur heart right now He would cure.
May the good Lord keep FAJ always!

He may be a good man as you say, but I agree with Jay, Copylandia & its owners are one of the worst employers!

Francis Paolo you might know him personally as a good samaritan and yes he might be doing some good things to people but would you blame the employees to say something bad about him if he had treated them unfair?!

Consider this: What would you say about employers who promises a lot of things to future employees just so they can be lured to enter the company?

They don't even have an HR department right now which only means they don't really care about their employees' welfare.

They let their employees shoulder expenses that should be covered by the company.

The 13th month pay is always questionable, always have lots of deduction! They even don't give it to you if you resigned before December.

Tax deductions are questionable. No income tax returns!

They hire you in supervisory position "kuno" even though you're entry level so that they are not required to pay overtime. And they always require people to extend time and even work on a Sunday and that's without pay!

Copylandia has a very high employee turn-over and you know what this means about the employers, right?

They don't allow employees to pursue further studies, always limiting personal growth. They only want them to participate in things the owners would like. Pilitan, like yoga! Although this might be good for certain people but it is not always the case. There are employees who are very tired of working 6 full days a week and don't have the energy to do yoga everyday until Sunday! Worst is there are people who could use the valuable time spent in yoga to take extra jobs to feed their family. The sweldo is not proportional to the amount of work you have to do and the employees' qualifications.

Every employee, present and resigned especially the latter has only expressed regret in joining this company.

See, I haven't attacked them personally but after reading what I posted, what can you say about Mr. Juarez? Is he really good man? I guess not... a good man respects every person, a good man treats people fairly and just, a good man stands by his word, a good man never let other people especially those who worked for their benefit suffer.

So, I will be happy if the owners of Copylandia would be able to read this coz it can be an eye opener but I know that they already know the problems and sentiments of their employees lagi lang nagbubulag-bulagan. They are lawyers so definitely liars...har!har!

To present employees, stay strong! Hope you can find a better work soon. Piece of advice: Leave Copylandia as soon as you can or else tatanda kayo ng walang pinagkatandaan like the others in the company.

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