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Allow me to apologize for being away so long. I wish I could say that I've been away on an exciting adventure or that I've just been too busy to blog. I can't, simply because there's really nothing to say. Highlights of the month:
1. Had an interview three weeks ago. No decision yet.
2. Went around Makati distributing resumes. Hope for a call this week.
3. Learned that this girl I used to date is getting married. She wants me to host her wedding. To quote her fiancee: "Are you sure you want him to do it? Are you sure he'll say yes?"
4. Added Shreck 2, Ella Enchanted, Kill Bill 2 and Troy to my DVD collection.
5. Dreading turning 29.

Anyway, I hope to have something more to write in the coming weeks.
1. thank you Ryan, Joey and Rhochie for giving me the kick in the butt I need to get back to writing here.
2. Hi Phia!!! What's new with you. E-mail me naman ur contacts para we can catch up! I'm at jbounce@rocketmail.com

That's that! I'm signing off!