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My friend Joey was over at the house the other day to shoot the breeze and to return one of my DVDs (The Virgin Suicides - Sofia Coppola's first directorial effort). Aside from casting who would play our classmates if ever they made a movie about our high school section (Jack Black would play me...Billy Zane would play Joey...Daniel Stern as Jim and William Hung as AA - hey Joey said it...not me), we talked about our batch and who we would consider successful. Joey felt that if you made a name for yourself then you were a success. By his definition, the only ones we could come up with were Jimmy Bondoc, Paolo Santos, Sandy Arespacochaga (ADMU head coach) and Wimpy Fuentebella (why Wimpy, why?).

I beg to differ.

And this is coming from someone who craved and achieved a semblance of fame during my short-lived stint as a DJ.

I believe that no one can be a better judge of our success than ourselves. It would take a lot more than people outside your circle knowing you to achieve this. Personally, this is what I believe in. We set our goals. We achieve them. That makes you a success. In whatever field we choose, there won't always be legions of fans or people chanting your name (hey, I had groupies myself)...but as long as you did what you had to and wanted to do in life. then you're okay in my book.