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I's amazing how my Friends DVDs are inspiring me to write. There's an episode in season 9 where Chandler announces on his alumni webpage that Ross had died and they plot to hold a memorial service to see who would actually show up.

I myself have had that thought before. If I were to die today, I would love to stick around for the wake. Imagine that...getting to see whose lives you've actually touched. Getting to know who actually cared and called you friend.

Sure signs of a small ego. Egocentric, yes, but small nonetheless.

Of course, this led me to thinking if I was ready to die. Coming from a recent brush with my mortality (my heart grew to epic proportions for those who don't know), I did examine my life and realized that I really could pass from this earth with little, if no regrets.

Here is my basis for such a declaration:

1. I have found true friendship - unconditional and unquestionable.
2. I leave behind a legacy
3. I have loved and been loved
4. I have lived and achieved my greatest dream
5. I won't die a virgin

True, there are always going to be new destinies, dreams and challenges ahead. I actually do look forward to them. I definitely won't be resting on my laurels because I still could do more with myself. I just think that if I did have to go today, I would not leave any unfinished business.

Aaaahh. Onto more pleasant things.