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You guys should really check out his blog (Just click on the link there on the right side of the screen). G-spot has been one of my closest friends since I returned to Ateneo in 1996 when we were brought together by fate and by our course (English Literature). Since then, we've gone through many changes but he's still Ganns to me...my songwriting partner... my co-spiner of yarn...my brother and friend.

I wish upon anyone the pleasure of knowing this remarkable person. He of the quick wit and the gift of song. And in the past few years, I admire the way marriage and fatherhood have brought him closer to God.

God bless you and your family G.

I'll still collect pirated DVDs though.

INXS: Speaking of which, Danny and I made our usual trip to Quiapo the other week to stock up for the long weekend and came home with many a gem. I got
1. Big Fish
2. Something's Gotta Give
3. Love Actually
4. Cutting Edge (Yahoo!)
5. Deuce Bigalow
6. Stuck on You
7. 21 Grams
8. House of Sand and Fog
9. Kill Bill
10. School of Rock
11. Mona Lisa Smile

La lang. Thought I'd share.