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My mom has had our school for over 22 years now. Over the years, I have assisted the school in many forms: as its ghost writer, marketing arm, and pseudo-teacher. In fact, one of my greatest accomplishments was teaching and conducting the kids two songs that we performed for the National Congress on Autism. Sometimes, my mom would kid me about taking over the school and I would usually shoot back with "I'll find a wife who can easily take over for you!"

In the halls of the school, I am "Kuya" Jay. I'm the loveable teddy bear that the nursery and kinder kids climb and clamber all over. To our special kids, I'm the "kuya" who has seen them grow up together and the one who brought the regular visits from Ateneo kids over. When my mom asked me if I wanted to teach, I would tell her that there would be no way. The kids would walk all over me. Besides, I'm fun Kuya Jay! No way I could become "Teacher" Jay.

Or so I thought.

Enter today. Two of my mom's teachers are absent and who does she call on to help out? Me, of course. And since I have nothing better to do...Kuya Jay became Teacher Jay just like that. And beleive you me, a whole day of teaching everyone from hyperactive 3 year olds to severely autistic kids is way to much for me. One day. All I could take was one day.

Makes me respect my mom more you betcha!