"The world is waiting for you. Travel safe. Good luck...GO!"

The latest installment of the Amazing Race got underway yesterday. This time, instead of teams of two, each is made up of a family of four - and kids are eligible to join. As the race approached, I met it with much skepticism but in the end, I became a believer of this dynamic. We have teams of siblings, parents and kids and even one with a man and his sons-in-law.

Right now, the teams are just travelling within the United States and there are no clear favorites to win. Last night's show showed teams falling behind only to make it into the top tier at the end of the leg. And while there are no clear favorites, some teams do stand out.

First, there's the Gaghans. They are well traveled and their kids are adorable. I thought that they were going to be pushovers but that was before I found out that the nine year old daughter can run a seven-minute mile. Impressive. They came in second last night.

Another team are the Weavers a mother and her three kids who loined the race in tribute to the Dad who passed away in a freak racing accident. They find strength in each other and have a strong faith in their savior Jesus Christ. I find that admirable but every time they're onscreen, all they do is invoke Jesus. It does get tiresome and makes them very one-dimensional.

And as always, I root for teams that I can relate to. There's the Linzes made up of three brothers and their youngest sister. I like them because of the way they act and relate to each other. If I were on the race, I'd probably act like one of them. And then there's the Rodgers family - with 22 year old Britney - who has to be the cutest girl in the game. Note the picture above.

The highlight of last night's show though was the appearance of Kevin and Drew from the first season. I related a lot to them back then and they are one of the most popular teams in the show's history. To see them appear last night and listen to their playful banter (Upon seeing a team of a father and his three blonde beautiful daughters: "I'd like to be on that team!") was a great touch to the show and I wouldn't mind seeing them compete again - All Star Amazing Race - paging Jerry Bruckheimer!

Yeah but there's a risk that the race will be mostly within the US. No more bunching up at airports, no more dramas before check-in counters. *sigh*

And who let in the cheap-rate Gotti family?!?

It's not as exciting but fun to watch pa rin. It's the show before HOUSE eh. Wala ng alpha male na ina-anticipate!

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