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One of my dearest friends, Nines, is turning 25 this year. She went from planning a big shebang to wanting nothing but a small get-together with her and her boyfriend's family. This led to talk about getting old and feeling it over in our e-group. Of course, eventually, the topic turned to me (being the oldest and closest to thirty) and they asked my take on getting older. I decided to post my reply here:

Somehow, I knew that with all this talk of age, I'd get sucked into it sooner or later. As I see it, the main issues you have to deal with as you approach the big three-oh (like I am) are:
a) What have I accomplished so far?
b) Where am I going?
c) Who will I end up with?

It's funny though, the only time I got a tinge angsty about my age was during new year's as the fireworks were going off all around me and I realized that it was 2005 and then it hit me that I was turning 30.

Imagine that, you haven't just been around for three decades. You're actually starting a fourth.

Somehow, my outlook on life is quite different from Gen's. I don't live a life with people depending on me. I don't live a stressful life either. I don't even have a single strand of white hair (I think). As for the three issues I mentioned, after making it to Magic, I pat myself on the back for making a lifelong dream come true before I turned 30. As for where I'm going, no one can be too sure of that anyway so why stress out over it? Just live life to the best you can every day and you don't have to worry about what the future holds. As for the third concern, let's just say that I'm working on it. This is actually the only thing that affects me, especially when I'm among my high school friends (my constant companions of late). I look forward to the day that I can bring someone to one of our gimmicks and introduce her as the one. Heck, knowing me, I'm liable to marry the next girl who has the misfortune of having poor judgment when I go after her.

To my friends, with age comes wisdom. I'm old enough (and wise enough I guess) to say that my advice is to chill. Life is good. The big questions have no answers. Our trip through life, our journey will lead us to them.