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My mom has had our school for the past twenty two years now. At the start of this schoolyear, it faced one of its biggest crises when several parents left and put up their own school. My mom shrugged it off and wished them the best but somehow, they misconstrued her understanding for weakness. What followed were some of the most dirty, underhanded actions I have ever seen. Things I wouldn't normally relate to a school.

First of all, this breakaway group first set out to increase its own population... by raiding the current studentry of my mom's school. They called the different parents (using the directory that we had given them the year before) and began inviting them and their kids to join them citing that my mom's school was going under and the quality of education had deteriorated in the past few years. Thankfully, not a single parent was swayed and we didn't lose a single student to them. But to this day, they continuously call these parents and continue to maliciously spread rumors about my mom's school.

It's funny in a way that they choose to use this tactic. In all their efforts to malign the quality of education that my mom's school provides, they fail to realize that their faculty and staff is made up of the very same teachers and assistants who taught in the school during this so-called "downward trend."

Next thing is I found out that this school tried raising funds during the past holiday season by carolling. Nothing wrong with that except that they claimed that they were doing this in cooperation with my mom's school. They seem to do nothing to put us down but they don't find anything wrong with raising funds for themselves in the name of my mom's school.

Last night, I told my mom that this has gone on long enough. She refuses to go down to their level, but I told her that we need to protect our level. Before I slept last night, I wrote a letter on my mom's behalf trying to inform the parents about the tactics of this other school and reassured them that our school was still unwavering in its standards of academic excellence.

Otherwise, Dr. Ed Dizon of the UP Education Department wouldn't keep referring kids to us.

Otherwise, the Special Education Society of Ateneo would have ended its partnership with the school.

Otherwise, schools like UST and UP wouldn't constantly send its students to the school for practicum training and exposure trips.

We're taking offense and we're taking the offensive now. Wish us luck.