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I always thought of myself as a pretty socially-conscious guy. I taught in TD summer school. I put up SPEED. I volunteer for this NGO that teaches poor college kids how to apply for jobs.

That's why it came as a big surprise to me when I started ranting one night while we were making our way home and passing through San Juan. I seemed to see nothing that night except squatters and squatters and more squatters. I took one look at the tambays at the sari-sari store or the man bathing on the sidewalk, or the mothers watching their horde of children playing dangerously by the street and my blood boiled. I started cursing them and their lot. I then felt for the first time in my life that there was no hope for the poor in the country.

I think it had to do with the news that day that Erap had flown in his personal barber to HK via business class. I thought to myself, "Is that your hero? Spending millions in dirty money and reveling in his evil while you're here doing nothing but breeding?" I wanted to ask them, "What has he done for you?" and if they answered back, "Tinutulungan niya kami," I would have gladly replied "Then why are you still poor?!?"

After the FPJ fiasco and this Erap abusing the priveleges of the court, I lost it. I lost my faith in these people. I wish that somehow, the earth would swallow them up whole.