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While riding to work with my brother and a jeepney decides to stop in the middle of the street to pick up a solitary passenger.

My brother: "Mga Pinoy talaga! La na yatang pag-asa!"

While eating lunch with my co-workers and we were discussing the VAT.

My officemate: "Makaka-bangon pa ba ang bansa?"

While enroute to Tini Navarro's birthday dinner and this squatter kid runs to the middle of the street, makes like he wants to get run over then skulks away to the shadows.

Jay sees him on his side of the car ad flicks a cigarette that hits the wall near the kid's face and almost scatters embers onto it.

I was once told that I am a positive person. I still believe that I am. It's just that this heavy feeling can't seem to leave me. It's like there's this dark cloud hovering above me whenever I see any signs of the poor. Like the kids who sit on the steps as you make you way down from the MRT. Like the Cripple who knocks on your car window and begs for cash.

Interesting story, there's this beggar on Araneta Ave. who walks with his knees pointed inward and he pulls it off very convincingly. My brother apparently saw him walking on Del Monte looking to grab a jeepney and he was walking pretty fine.

Jay wrings the poor beanie baby in front of him in frustration.

yeah yeah good dat ur still poitive on it. am also a witness of all the poverties of this "falling" nation, but I think less here in the province than in ur place.

anyway, am am just bloghopping and surprisingly seen ur template same to mine. well, this just mean that we both have same interest in color combi's and designs. am also a copyreader (but only in contests. am just 4th yr. hs kinakareer ko lang hehehe).

hope ya'll visit my blog: http://andhwee.blogspot.com

good day!!!

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