The bombing attacks that took place in London appear minscule compared to the ticking time bomb waiting to explode here in the Philippines. For months now, we have been treated to an endless barrage of scandals that have rocked the presidency of Gloria Arroyo.

The first salvo was the allegations that the President's husband and son were receiving payouts from the illegal gambling trade. This of course ran its course and Gloria was left standing but a little scathed.

A second round of explosive news was then lobbed at the administration and tapes started appearing everywhere that caught GMA chatting it up with an official of the Comelec. I was one of many who thought that the situation had been diffused. The opposition cried foul, alleging that she cheated in the last elections, padding her votes with the help of the electoral body.

This led to an inquiry by congress and the entire Philippines stood transfixed to every available TV or radio, listening to a tapeful of wiretapped conversations.

I was either playing NBA Live or watching a DVD.

I really just wasn't worried. With several people power revolutions under my belt, I could see that there wouldn't be a sequel to the EDSA saga. The players on the opposition side just didn't play the game right.

First of all, the best time for the people to take to the streets and scream righteous indignation would have been if the pro-Gloria congressmen tried to squelch the tape, similar to the senators who wouldn't open the envelope during the Estrada impeachment. The administration senators said, "Fine, let's hear the damn things. We have nothing to hide".

Scratch that idea.

Another golden opportunity arose when they played the tape. In olden times, offended Filipinos whould have walked out of their houses then and there and amassed at EDSA.


And whenever there was a mass demonstration, it couldn't be sustained. The organizers probably didn't have enough food or the crowd simply thought that what they were getting wasn't worth getting sick over from standing in the rain.

(On a side note, I really question the foresight of the anti-GMA factions. Planning rallies and the like during rainy season just doesn't cut it. As the commercial goes, "Sa panahon ngayon, bawal magkasakit.")

So, the past few days, I went to bed at night, comfortably thinking that the situation had been diffused. That the lesser evil lived to see another day. That spontaneous indignation beats organized efforts any day. My entire view came crashing down as I got back from lunch.

I saw several of GMA's former cabinet members (she called for their mass resignation) voicing support for her in these times of crisis. It was then that I found out that another group of cabinet members resigned and called for her to step down as well. Among their ranks were people like Butch Abad, Teresita Deles and even Dinky Soliman. If they were disillusioned, what hope do the rest of us have?

Now, the seconds are ticking away and the fuse is almost spent. Something might happen this weekend and unlike the days of yore, I will just play silent witness instead of taking to the streets. After all, in a battle between evils, it's better to stay on the side of good and stay out of the crossfire.

Hope our country is still standing on Monday.

i have this feeling i won't have a country to go back home to. i'll be like tom hanks in the terminal. been reading about it via internet.

Oh please...

I saw them sing and voice out their support for the President a couple of weeks back. Then they resign and call on the President to do the same a week later? What do you call that? Tsk tsk...

Personally, I'd prefer the dumb and loyal over that bunch any day of the week.

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