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When in doubt (or for lack of things to write), talk about the Amazing Race.

I spent the entire morning going about my usual way. Check email, check blogs (for an extremely detailed discourse on Comic book movies, may I direct you to the 4J blog. Then in between getting my work done, I checked on the update thread of the Amazing Race finale. Warning. Spoiler ahead:

It seemed exciting as usual but in the end, the racist, prissy models Freddy and Kendra walked away with a million dollars. A lot of the internet chatters were calling this the worst ending ever. Worse than Flo and Zach's win (I disagree though, I was rooting for Flo and Zach. I hated the Chip and Reichen season. There weren't that many interesting or likable teams there). Kris and Jon (my picks) finished second on account of a train getting in their way. At least, AR7 is just three weeks away so we don't have to have this sour taste in our mouths for so long.

Kendra...blech. She was pretty...pretty horrible. Ah well, here's looking forward to Rob and Amber on the next race.

INXS: Picked up quite a few DVDs on my latest jaunt to MCS this past Monday. Despite the scare and spectre of Edu coming in and arresting me and my suki, I picked up the following:
  • Animal House (John Belushi's frat flick from years back)
  • I Heart Huckabees
  • Race the Sun
  • IQ
And the coup de grace?

Kung Fu Hustle baby!!! Woohoo!!!